USB pen drive corrupted and unrecognized? square measure you trying to find corrupted usb flash repair tools? Don’t worry, I actually have eight ways to assist you on how to repair pen drives. 

Pen driving corrupt issues is caused by several reasons that bring varied solutions for every. Don’t be concerned even if your pen drive can’t be detected in Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista, here square measures all solutions that you just could try and fix your pen drive.

Before you attempt the below solutions, please try and connect your pen drive to a different USB port or computer, as a result of the pen drive corrupted error can also be caused by USB port or pc malfunction.

Solution 1: strive it on another computer 

Sometimes some usb pen drive can’t be recognized by computer as a result of there’s some issues on computer, you simply have to be compelled to amendment another pc to browse your USB pen drive.


Solution 2: Recover broken usb pen drive by physical adjustment

When associate degree usb pen drive is employed for an extended time, the usb interface could also be unclear for pc, it’s in all probability as a result of the usb port get loose, or there square measure some dusts within the usb port, you’ll be able to use a swab to scrub or visit the shop for some adjustment or try additional times.

Solution 3: Corrupted pen drive recovery by dynamical drive letter 

You can try and amend your usb flash drive to a different, and so your pc will assign your device and also the files there on is shown.

Instructions of adjusting the drive letter:

Step1: connect your usb pen drive to the pc, right click “my computer”, click “manage” option.

Step 2: you’ll be able to see an unknown device within the drive list, right click it and opt to update the drive software package.

Solution 4: broken pen drive recovery by reinstalling drive 

If your drive will run your usb, however your pc can’t sight it, you’ll be able to strive set up your drive.

Instructions of reinstalling drive:

Step 1: right click “my computer”, opt for “manage” choice,click “device manager”

Step 2: realize your usb within the list, right click it, opt to uninstall, pull out your usb, and connect it to your computer once more.

Step 3: come back to ‘Device Manager’ -> Action -> Scan for hardware changes to reload your device.

Solution 5: Repair a corrupted usb pen drive by change drive

If your usb drive isn’t recognized by windows, you’ll be able to conjointly try and update your drive.

Instructions to update the drive:

Step 1: Run the prompt, sort “devmgmt.msc”

Step 2: you’ll be able to see a unknown device within the drive list, right click it and opt to update drive software package

Solution 6: prompt Chkdsk to repair broken pen drive

You can conjointly use CMD chkdsk to repair your usb pen drive.

Step 1: Run CMD.

Step 2: sort “chkdsk /X /f USB drive letter”, as an example ‘chkdsk /x/f h’ (when h is that the drive letter of your flash drive that you just have to be compelled to replace h along with your flash stick drive letter in your computer) and press enter.

You may conjointly strive the subsequent command lines to check any luck.

‘chkdsk /f /r H’ (You have to be compelled to replace H along with your flash drive’s drive letter that shows up in your computer)

FORMAT *: /FS:FAT32 (Replace * along with your flash drive’s drive letter)

Solution 7: Check if there square measure dangerous sectors on the broken usb pen drive 

Windows system has built-in error checking tools for broken usb that has classification system raw, you’ll be able to use it to visualize if there square measure dangerous sectors on the usb pen drive and repair them.

Instructions to use error-checking tool to repair your usb:

Step 1: realize your usb drive within the file mortal, right click it, and choose “properties”

Step 2: opt for “tools” module, and click on error-checking choice, then opt for “scan and repair drive” to repair the corrupted usb.

And then make sure to repair it.

Solution 8: Corrupted usb pen drive information recovery tool

Sometimes usb is unrecognized thanks to infection or system crash, or your usb drive is detected however the pc says it’s blank. Then you would like to recover your information 1st and format the usb to repair it.

While you would like to opt for a secure software package, a read-only information recovery program is higher, you’ll be able to strive for iCare Recovery, it’s a reliable utility and it’s a free version. 

And this could be the foremost effective approach and conjointly the simplest approach would like no tough IT data.

All the solutions are predicated on the premise that the usb isn’t physically broken, if your usb pen drive is physically broken, you’ll be able to solely take it to the skilled repair store to mend your usb drive. 

Data loss from usb pen drive is a headache downside, avoiding usb pen drive corrupted issues will shield your information safely.

These square measure some recommendation to stop your usb pen drive from obtaining corrupted:

Do not insert your usb pen drive into a public pc to avoid being infected by a virus.

Remove your usb drive from the computer safely.

Pull the usb out fastidiously to avoid harm the usb port

Make a backup for your vital information in other places.

Find an acceptable tool to assist you recover information.

Solution 9 – Format broken pen drive to fat32/ntfs

There square measure many ways in which you’ll fix a corrupted usb drive by dynamical it’s unclear classification system to fat32 or . Here is one among the simplest that you just could strive to victimize: the cmd prompt to urge it done.


#1, OPEN CMD below RUN


#3, sort ‘FORMAT *: /FS:FAT32’ AND * SHALL get replaced BY YOUR FLASH DRIVE DRIVE LETTER ON YOUR computer.

Solution 10-Reinstall USB Driver

That the motive force to run your pen drive gets broken is a crucial reason why your pc cannot acknowledge the pen drive. thus you’ll be able to try and fix a corrupted pen drive by reinstalling the motive force on your computer:

Step 1. Right click on the “Computer” or “My computer” icon and opt for the “Manage” choice.

Step 2. choose “Device Manager” within the pop-up window.

Step 3. Right click your pen drive and opt for “Uninstall”.

Step 4. Plug out the pen drive and bring up your computer.

Step 5. Reconnect your pen drive to the pc and it ought to get detected.



We introduced 10 different ways on how to repair pen drive and create your PC to acknowledge the device once more. We are rooting that you have got your corrupted pen drive while not losing any of your vital files.

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