How to Recover iPhone information from iCloud
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How to Recover iPhone information from iCloud

In this article, I have shown the best way to recover iPhone data from iCloud. I have shown multiple ways to restore the data on your iPhone.

Recover deleted information from iCloud Backup via iPhone

To restore your iPhone information from iCloud, sign in to your iCloud account and restore the saved backup file. However, the process erases the complete existing information from your iPhone.

Steps Recover deleted information from iCloud Backup via iPhone

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Follow the on-screen directions till you reach the Apps & knowledge page
  • Check in to your iCloud account
  • Choose the computer file from the list and wait to complete
  • Tap Restore from iCloud Backup
  • Sign in to your iCloud account
  • Select the backup record from the listing and wait to finish.

Recover deleted information from via PC/ Mac.

In case, you don’t have the iPhone or it’s lost or broken, you’ll recover information from iCloud Drive and alternative apps

  • Open withinside the browser on a computer • Sign in to your iCloud account
  • Click on Settings
  • Under Advanced, click Contacts
  • Click the Restore
  • Click Restore to confirm

Likewise, you’ll restore deleted Photos, Videos, Notes, Calendars, and additionally allows you to recover the last thirty days’ deleted things from the ‘Recently Deleted folder in iCloud Drive on

Steps to recover iPhone information from iCloud Drive in

  • Open
  • Click iCloud Drive
  • Click Recently Deleted at the bottom right corner
  • Select the file you want to restore, click Recover

If you have any issue with the purchase history then try to delete purchase history on iPhone.

Recover from iCloud Backup without Losing existing iPhone Knowledge

iCloud knowledge recovery software system could be a reliable methodology to extract lost or deleted knowledge from iCloud. The software system helps you to restore iCloud backup while not deleting the prevailing iPhone knowledge. whereas keeping your current iPhone knowledge, you’ll be able to restore the lost photos, videos, messages, voice memos, etc. Since with direct iCloud recovery, it’s unfeasible to revive individual contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc., the iCloud knowledge recovery software system remains a way more convenient utility.

It works altogether with iPhone knowledge loss things as well as deletion, theft, damage, iOS crash or iOS update, mill reset, etc.

Steps to recover deleted knowledge from iCloud Backup while not losing existing iPhone knowledge

  • Transfer and launch the trial* version of Stellar knowledge Recovery for iPhone on your laptop or waterproof
  • On the most screen, select Recover from iCloud Backup
  • Choose what you want to get better and click on Next • Enter the Apple ID and positive identification • The obtainable backup files from iCloud square measure listed. choose the relevant backup of your iPhone and click Scan.
  • Once the scanning method ends, preview your knowledge before recovery. If you don’t see the required knowledge within the list, click Deep Scan.
  • Choose the things that you just wish to recover and click Save. you’ll read iCloud backup and save the recovered knowledge on your iPhone or PC.
  • The trial software system scans the media and shows a preview of all the redeemable files. Once you’re able to ascertain the effectiveness, you’ll save the redeemable files by activating the software system.


My iPhone is purloined, however I confirmed that somebody is accessing my documents and photos.

Ans: The 2 most vital things here square measure that you simply have a robust passcode assail the device, which your iCloud watchword is additionally safe. If you hadn’t set a robust passcode on the phone, there is a real chance whoever had your phone can have access to your information.

You’ll see this text guides you remotely lockup or erasing your device. If you are doing either your information are safe, assumptive the phone is on-line.

I cannot see my device on the list of devices…How do I solve this?

Ans: If you do not see your phone on the list of devices below notice My, it suggests the device isn’t associated with that iCloud account. Either it’s been removed — you’d have gotten an associate degree email from Apple if therefore — or it’s below a definite account.


The iCloud backup comes as a rescue in unfortunate incidents like information lost, deleted, or iPhone broken or broken. This post shares a way to recover deleted photos, videos, contacts, decision history, messages, etc., from iCloud backup. Also, study the simplest and quickest tool – Stellar Information Recovery for iPhone, to revive deleted information on your iPhone or iPad.

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