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How to get a Pokemon Game Emulator on iPhone 

Pokemon was first developed in 1916, and from that moment, it became one of the most beloved franchises for decades, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide. Classic games like Super Mario, Pokemon, and Game Boy have their charm.

Playing classic Pokemon games on an iPhone will be fun and exciting for users. They can revisit their favourite Pokemon games through emulators in innovative ways. Emulators are a safe and legal alternative to do.

An emulator is a tool that imitates the gaming consoles for playing retro games with excellent performance and the best experience. Sometimes, users don’t use iPhone emulators due to security concerns and malware.

Certified tools (Safe and legal) are now available to help you quickly dive into gaming. In this article, we have mentioned in detail (Installation of emulators on iPhone) 4 ways to enjoy our favourite Pokemon games on iPhones (Pokemon fans can’t miss).

What is a Pokemon Emulator? 

Pokemon emulators are programs or software that emulate a gaming console, enabling us to play Pokemon games and any other game specially designed for that system on their IOS devices.

The vision of the Pokemon emulator is to recreate the gaming experience of retro Pokemon games like Game Boy, Super Mario, Nintendo, etc.

Advantages of using Pokemon emulator:

  • Provides cheat codes to play
  • Allow you to have as many Pokemon
  • Controller support
  • Help you make more accurate throws
  • Multiple accounts feature to use at the same time

Let’s discuss in detail the top 3 Pokemon emulators for the iPhone.

  • HappyChick

HappyChick is an open-source and accessible platform that lets you play games on your iPhone. It is an integrated emulator tool enabling you to play many games on the iPhone. 

HappyChick can emulate over 18 systems like DC, FAB, NGP, PSB, GBA and GBC. You can play classic games like Super Mario, Street Fighters 97, pokemon, and Monster Hunt on your iPhone without jailbreaking the device. It supports arcade and PSP games with online multiplayer. 

HappyCHick allows cloud Synchronization and ensures the games are safely backed up and can be accessed on multiple devices and systems. It is the most potent emulator app for iPhone.

Advantages of HappyChick Pokemon emulator:

  • Easy to set up
  • A vast array of collection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiplayer feature
  • Jailbreak is not required 

How to Install HappyChick Pokemon emulator?

Follow the steps to install the HappyChick emulator on your device, which requires no jailbreak and breaking the iPhone’s authority. 

Step 1: Open the Safari browser and search HappyChick’s official websites or follow the link below. Now click on the download button.


Step 2: Click the install option to get the HappyChick Pokemon emulator. Afterwards, you can see the app on the iPhone’s home screen.

Step 3: Move forward to settings and general. Click device management and tap the trust option to allow the app to run on an iPhone.

Step 4: It’s time to launch the application. Give emulator permission, like location service, as you wish. Your emulator has been installed successfully, and now you can enjoy classic Pokemon games       

  • Delta 

Delta has excellent features like console skins, making it feel like you are playing games on an actual console. It supports iOS 10 and above and many classic and modern consoles, such as GBC, GBA, and DMG.

Delta Pokemon emulator lets you save stats and sync with the cloud. The App Store doesn’t have Delta. However, to download the Delta emulator, we must use a third-party installer application named Emus4U.

Advantages of Delta Pokemon emulator:

  • Support iPad devices
  • No jailbreaking required
  • Cloud syncing & Multiplayer support
  • User-friendly interface
  • All the games are available in one place

How to Install Delta Pokemon emulator?

Step 1: First, you must launch the Emus4U page and tap on Download on iPhone; it is also available for Android. Now, follow the given instructions.

Link (Emus4U): 

Step 2: When the Emus4U application appears, move to settings and click on general, followed by device management to permit trust in the Emus4U app.

Step 3: Now open the Emus4U app, head to the Emulato’s section, search delta, and click the GET button.

Step 4: Now, you can enjoy your favourite Pokemon games on the Delta emulator. Open the app, install the game you would like to play and enjoy it with a lag-free experience and original console-like feel.

  • Game Play Color

Sometimes, installing the emulator on an iPhone is complicated, so Game Play Color is the best alternative for easy installation. This emulator provides the simplest way to start playing Pokemon games on an iPhone and iPad. It supports iOS 13 and iPad OS.

Advantages of Game Play Color Pokemon emulator:

  • Supports GBC and GB games
  • Cloud Syncing
  • Multiplayer 
  • Offline support

How to install the Game Play Color Pokemon emulator?

Step 1: Please ensure to download ROMs on your Google Drive before installing Game Play Color. Follow the link to download the ROMs. 


Step 2: Open Game Play Color’s official website from Safari or follow the link below. 


Step 3: Click the Add option from the window to see the Game Play button on the phone’s home screen. Then tap it.

Step 4: Log into your Google Drive after opening the app, then sync the account by copying the access code you get. All compatible ROMs will appear on your phone’s screen; click on the game you wish to play and enjoy the classic match you want.

Which are the best Pokemon games on the App Store?

  1. Pokemon Go
  2. Pokemon Quest
  3. Pokemon Masters
  4. Pokemon Unite
  5. Pokemon Sleep


To get the very iOS emulators, you can head to the iEmulator website, which has a collection of many emulators. It is a great source to find and download emulators for your iPhones, and here, no jailbreak is required. It is open-source. This website is filled with popular emulators like GBS4iOS, HappyChick, etc.


Final Words

The emulators are the best alternative to enjoy your favourite classic games with exciting gameplay features and experiences on your iPhone. With this guide, you can get an emulator on your iPhone to play Pokemon and any console game on iOS. Ensure to download ROMs from trusted sources for security reasons.


  1. How to download Pokemon ROMs?

The ROMs are primarily available online. Follow the link Then type Pokemon in your search bar and press “Enter”. Click a Pokémon title for Nintendo DS. Click on Download Game and enjoy.

  1. Is Pokemon GO free on iPhone?

Yes, the App Store provides this game app for free and offers in-game purchases. The Pokemon Go game supports iOS 9 and above versions.

  1. Is Pokemon Go only for iPhones?

No, Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play Store. 

  1. Can you play Pokemon offline?

No, you can’t play Pokemon Go offline. It requires a stable internet connection for more fun. But you can play it offline if you have downloaded the maps.

  1. How much GB of internet is required for Pokemon Go?

It depends on your device, location, and gameplay style. Pokemon Go uses 0.003 GB of data at 0.000025 GB per hour.

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