Pen Drive Recovery Software

An application called Pen Drive Recovery Software is designed to give customers a way to recover any data that might have been deleted or corrupted inside a typical pen drive. This could be a huge benefit if sensitive or personally identifiable information is in danger. 

Pen Drive Recovery SoftwareThe application is user-friendly and well-organized. This package, as opposed to other recovery bundles, is designed exclusively for usage with flash drives.

How to Recover Data ?

A file is always transferred to the recycle bin when it is removed. This file is not deleted even after it has been taken out of the recycle bin. The file system deletes the path to this deleted file, making it less reachable. This file’s allocated space will be designated as free for usage by other files when needed. On the computer, a basic file is still accessible. Up until a time when it is replaced by another file, the file is still accessible. The file may be partially stored on the hard drive for many years.

The pen drive recovery software won’t be able to retrieve the file and give you useful data if the lost file is partly rewritten by another file. The most effective pen drive recovery software must be able to restore data from all forms of storage media since it should accept all file formats and storage media.

Features a good pen drive recovery software should have the following features :

  1. Retrieve Faulty Data: The most popular storage devices for exchanging or transferring data are pen drives, which can be used to recover faulty data. Sometimes while attaching the pen drive to other computers, it may become corrupted and display error messages as a result of malware infestations, trojan attacks, or faulty pen drive ejection. Corrupt flash drive data should also be recoverable with this software.
  2. Restore Data Set From Pen Drive: Using this option, you can retrieve and recover all of the data on a pen drive. The software loads all of the data from the pen drive after scanning it. You can remove the data afterward and save it wherever you like. You can restore the pen drive’s deleted files and directories using this recovery mode.
  3. Retrieve Formatted USB Drive Files: When a pen drive becomes corrupt, formatting it is a typical practice. Despite making the flash drive clean and virus-free, you lose your important data. With a pen drive recovery program, you may now swiftly recover data from a damaged partition. A program should be able to restore all raw data files, including PNG, ZIP, DOCX, and JPEG, from formatted discs.
  4. Free Pen Drive Partitioning Scanning: The pen drive erased data recovery program displays a live report in a pop-up window once you choose the detachable disc and scanning type for device scanning. Selected disk, total size, bytes read, and the number of documents and folders scanned is the information displayed. After that, you can preview the things on the USB stick or start a search for specific ones.

The Top Data Recovery Software

Pen Drive Recovery Software

  1. Recoverit Data Recovery: The best choice among the top 10 pen drive recovery software is Recoverit Data Recovery. From a pen drive, it can retrieve deleted files. The software retrieves all data lost from a pen drive for a variety of causes and is quick and secure. Videos, audios, archives, emails, and photographs are just a few of the many file kinds and formats that can be recovered using this method.
  2. 2. Data Rescue PC 3.2: The data Rescue PC 3.2 program is used to restore partition maps, bios records, and intricate Raid configurations in addition to recovering deleted files. This USB data recovery tool also aids in the discovery of devices with mechanical defects, allowing you to seek data recovery assistance prior to further data loss. When a mechanical problem happens, you can immediately create a byte-by-byte clone of your original discs thanks to Data Rescue PC3’s disk-imaging feature.
  3. Recuva: Recuva is a superior pen drive recovery software that can retrieve lost data from flash disks. Moreover, Recuva can be used to recover pictures, emails, documents, and videos. It is easy to use and the software does the hard part for you. The software also has a portable version and thus does not require installation.
  4. Data Recovery with Wise: Wise Data Recovery is a quick USB recovery software program intended to restore documents, photographs, music recordings, and compressed files. The computer evaluates the result data before indicating how challenging a recovery will be. It offers an advanced search feature that enables the user to rapidly locate lost data. Additionally, Wise Data Recovery includes a portable version that you may use on your machine without having to install it.
  5. Pandora Data Recovery: From flash devices, permanently erased files can be recovered using the freeware data recovery program Pandora Data Recovery. This file recovery program can also open compressed, hidden, archived, or encrypted files. Regardless of the file format, it may also be used to inspect, find, explore, and recover deleted files from FAT and NTFS volumes. The software may also retrieve data from hard discs, storage devices, and the recycle bin, including audio, video, documents, and images.


Pen drive recovery software are the most useful application when trying to recover deleted data from a pen drive. Due to a number of factors, including virus infection, formatting, and unintentional deletion, information on USB drives may be lost. The files on the pen drive could alternatively be disguised and appear to have been wiped. However, if the documents and other data are deleted from the pen drive for any reason, you can recover them using a powerful file recovery tool like Stellar Data Recovery. But that does not mean there is no way to retrieve your data. There are lots of software on the market to help you recover your lost files but the best ones have been given on this website. Many manual ways are also there to recover but this software are the best ones available on the market.

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