Essential Tips for New Users of Gem Space Superapp

Gem Space is a superapp encompassing services for work, relaxation, and entertainment. Here’s how you can make the most out of its comprehensive features.

All Your Tasks, One Platform

In Gem Space, many of your daily tasks can be managed without leaving the app. For instance, if you need to make a call to family or friends in another city, it can be done within the superapp for free. Video conferences of any format come without limitations on time or the number of participants, supporting up to 1,000 people simultaneously. You can even call users who are not yet registered on the app by simply sending them a guest link.

If you find it inconvenient to listen to voice messages that your friends send, Gem Space allows you to automatically convert voice recordings into text quickly and free of charge.

Beyond communication, Gem Space offers other useful services such as a smart news feed, tools for creating your own blog — Spaces, and the GemAIBot chatbot, which assists in managing everyday tasks.

Launch Your Channel

The ‘Channels’ section hosts a variety of authors blogging about diverse topics such as travel, cooking, sports, music, and more. You can explore channels through the general catalog or curated collections on the main page of the section, which are regularly updated in Gem.

You can also start and manage your own channel to connect with friends, like-minded individuals, or even potential customers.

Channel promotion is supported by the developers—if an author regularly posts engaging content, their channel might be featured in one of the recommendation collections, and it will also appear in the news feed for users with similar interests.

Empower Your Work with AI

Gem Space includes a special chatbot that sends requests directly to the ChatGPT neural network. This chatbot can be used to create texts and images, serving both personal needs like managing social networks, and professional or business purposes, such as requesting content plans or promotional posts for launching new products or services.

The AI not only takes over routine tasks but also helps save on the costs of hiring copywriters, designers, or social media managers: you simply choose one of the options suggested by the bot.

Stay Updated with the Smart News Feed

Another section in the superapp is the news feed. The smart feed displays updates from all the channels you follow, and also includes the best posts and recommendations from other channels based on your interests.

You can specify your interests and hobbies when you first visit this section. The algorithms of Gem Space will consider this information when making recommendations, making it much more convenient than checking updates from each channel separately and saving you time.

Create Your Own Space

‘Spaces’ is a robust section of the app where users can create and manage their own community hubs. Here, you can add chats, including group discussions, manage channels relevant to your Space’s theme, and organize content into neatly arranged collections.

Spaces allow for extensive interaction, including group calls and video conferences, making it a dynamic tool for community engagement and information dissemination.

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