Heart set on a solitaire ring? Here’s what you need to know

Solitaires have always been regarded as precious and timeless since the olden ages. The brilliantly cut stone is known to steal the hearts of most women who set their eyes on it. The popularity of this stone has witnessed a steep increase in the last couple of years with more and more women deviating from traditional gold jewellery and rings to gemstones and other metals. Engagement rings to have seen a shift from golden bands to silvers and colored stones – a trend carried gracefully by Princess Diana.


All about solitaire rings – Find out more about the styles of these rings, the variations in designs, the different unique patterns, and the trendsetting pieces on this website. The brand is transparent enough to educate its customers on the most efficient ways of diamond shopping. Keep in mind these aspects while purchasing a solitaire –

  • Cut – whether it is round, oval, or princess cut, check the size and the feel on your fingers.
  • Color – while this gemstone is at its expensive best when colorless, different hues can be created in lab conditions
  • Clarity – the flaws are masked upon cutting the diamond and providing it with the required clarity (flawless and durable being the most desired)
  • Carat – higher the value of the carat, greater the weight, and more expensive the ring


Make your choice of the ring based on these aspects apart from ring design, of course.


More categories – Check out this site if you do not wish to limit yourself to simply rings. The brand has come up with a user-friendly online portal for customers to use to browse through and purchase the jewels and ornaments that they desire. Not only categories in jewellery, but they also provide the customers with investment opportunities along with gifting options in terms of gold coins. With a sliding scale for the prices of products, this brand is set to become more popular by the day. Several collections are available with this brand –

  • Rings – Golden and silver rings embedded with diamonds or gemstones
  • Necklaces – Heavy and intricate or light and minimalistic, you can take your pick
  • Bangles – Western bangles as well as Indian traditional ones, you need not be bothered by the lack of choices here
  • Bracelets – Simple designs that are easy to wear or heavier and thicker cuffs to go on Western formals or daily wear
  • Nose pins – Trendier designs in jewellery in the form of nose rings in diamond, gold, or gemstones
  • Pendants – Some of the most multi-purpose items of jewellery – be it a large design that can be worn in Indian functions or small ones to be worn every day – are available.
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The range of products will leave you in awe and coming back for more. The beauty of this brand is in its customer popularity and affection. The services and offers such as fast delivery, easy returns, hassle-free exchanges, discounts cuts of making charges, range of products, etc have helped them achieve milestones in jewellery sales and reputation. Be a part of the awesome gang and order your pieces of preferred ornaments from the website. You can also choose to visit the stores yourself and check out the products in person. Happy shopping!


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