Onn Av to Hdmi Converter Not Working

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) has become the standard audio/video interface for modern televisions. However, many users still have older devices that only output analog audio/video signals, such as VCRs, DVD players, and retro gaming consoles. This is where an AV to HDMI converter comes in handy – allowing you to connect legacy analog A/V devices to modern HDMI-equipped displays.

Onn is a popular budget brand that offers various AV to HDMI converter models at affordable prices. However, a common complaint from users is – “My Onn AV to HDMI converter is not working!” A non-functional converter can be immensely frustrating, especially if you don’t know why it’s not working or how to fix it.

In this article, we’ll explore the factors that can cause an Onn HDMI converter to malfunction. We’ll also review some troubleshooting tips to help get your converter back up and running.

Potential Causes

Several potential issues could result in the Onn AV to HDMI converter not functioning as intended:

Connection Problems

Connection Problems

One of the most common reasons an HDMI converter stops working is loose, damaged, or incorrect cable connections:

  • Loose/faulty HDMI or AV cables – These cables connect your devices, so any damage or loose connections would disrupt signal transfer.
  • Wrong input selection on the TV – You need to select the correct input channel on your TV that the converter is connected to via HDMI.
  • Incompatible connector types – Using the incorrect AV cable type like connecting component cables into a composite-only converter.

Power Issues

Faulty power adapter

Power issues with either the converter itself or its power adapter can easily cause functionality problems:

  • Faulty power adapter – If the AC adapter is damaged or providing inconsistent power, it can cause the converter to glitch or turn off randomly.
  • Insufficient power – If too many devices are drawing power from one converter or outlet, it may be an insufficient power supply.

Compatibility Problems

Compatibility Problems

Your Onn converter may not work properly if it’s incompatible with either the input or output devices:

  • Source device incompatibility – The converter may not support certain legacy AV formats from analog devices like LaserDisc players.
  • Output resolution issues – The converter may only support 720p HDMI output, which won’t work if your TV only has 1080p HDMI ports.

Firmware Issues

Firmware Issues

Since converters are powered by internal software, bugs or outdated firmware can also lead to technical difficulties:

  • Buggy firmware – Some converters may have firmware bugs that lead to freezes, flickering, or invalid signal output.
  • Outdated firmware – The TV or converter may have received a firmware update that causes compatibility issues between them.

Troubleshooting Steps

If your Onn HDMI converter is not working properly, there are some troubleshooting tricks you can try to resolve the issue:

Troubleshooting Steps

Basic Checks

Start by checking all connections and power:

  • Reseat all cables at both ends to ensure a snug fit. Damaged cables should be replaced.
  • Verify the correct input channel is selected on your TV/monitor settings.
  • Try using the converter’s power adapter with another device to test if the adapter itself is faulty.
  • Factory reset the converter if available on your model. This will revert software settings to default.

Advanced Troubleshooting

If you’ve verified the basics, try some more advanced converter troubleshooting:

  • Connect source directly to TV – If possible, bypass the converter using composite/component connections directly to the TV to isolate the root cause.
  • Update converter firmware – Check online for any updates released for your specific Onn model and install.
  • Open case carefully – Sometimes connections can become loose inside the enclosure, but only open as a last resort since it voids warranty.

Additional Resources

If you still can’t get an non-working Onn AV to HDMI converter functional after troubleshooting, don’t give up hope yet! Here are some additional resources:

  • Contact Onn support for assistance – Onn may be able to provide advanced troubleshooting tips or start a warranty claim process allowing replacement.
  • Consult online AV forums – There are many active AV enthusiast forums discussing converters where you may find a solution to your specific issue.
  • Check electronics repair sites – Sites like iFixit have detailed electronic troubleshooting and repair guides for common problems.
  • Utilize repair services – Professional electronics repair technicians have the skills and tools to diagnose and fix tricky converter issues.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1: Why is My Onn Av to Hdmi Converter Not Turning on?

A: If your Onn converter won’t power on, the most likely issue is a faulty power adapter. Check that the power adapter is plugged in fully and the outlet is functioning. Also try using the adapter with another device to test if it is defective.

Q2: Why is the Picture Distorted or Black and White When I Use My Onn Hdmi Converter?

A: This is typically caused by an incompatible video signal from the source device. Make sure you are using the correct AV cable types that match the required inputs on the converter. Also check that the output resolution matches what your TV supports.

Q3: I Updated My Tv Firmware and Now My Onn Converter Won’t Display Properly. What Should I Do?

A: Firmware updates can sometimes cause compatibility issues with external devices like converters. Try updating your converter to the latest firmware, factory reset your TV, or connect your device directly without the converter to determine the cause.

Q4: My Onn Converter Powers on but Doesn’t Show a Picture on the Tv Screen. What Could Fix This?

A: If there’s power but no video, it’s likely a loose internal connection. You’ll have to carefully open up the converter case and check that the HDMI and component connections are securely plugged into the mainboard.

Q5: I Checked All Cables and Power. Why is There Still No Picture When Using My Onn Converter?

A: At this point there may be an internal fault within the converter if you’ve verified external connections. Contact Onn support to confirm if it is still under warranty for a replacement, or consider purchasing a new converter.


Getting an Onn HDMI converter working again may require some trial and error, but hopefully this guide has given you a solid starting point on potential issues and solutions. Always start by checking connections and power before attempting more advanced troubleshooting.

If fixes from online resources are unsuccessful, consider seeking assistance from the manufacturer’s support team or professional repair shops to get your converter functioning again. The good news is converter problems often have relatively simple solutions once the root cause is identified.

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