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Top 5 Apk Editor For Pc 2023 | Top List

Most of us who are using smartphones are knowledgeable about the name APK. APK is just a package file format for Android that occupies RAM distance through installation and smartphones. The Entire meaning of APK is your Android Package Kit. However, what if we could edit the APK file?

We all know APK is the extension for android apps that are usually supported by most Android-based smartphones. Here in this column, we will discuss how exactly to Edit app Documents and APK File Editor tool for you that allow one to edit or modify apk files directly from your PC.

5 Best Apk Editor For PC | Top List

Where are APK files used?

APK is an acronym for the Android package kit. APK is called an Android application package. It’s the record format that Android devices utilize to disperse and install applications. Ordinarily, once you visit the Google play store download an Android application, the application automatically downloads the APK and utilizes it to install the apps onto your device.

1: APK Editor Pro


APK Editor Pro is a free editor that allows editing android apps. This app works together with the android 5version also works flawlessly to the android Oreo+ version. You may apply this editor on Windows OS. Bear in mind that in the event you’d like to apply this fantastic APK editor, subsequently install an emulator original (it may BlueStacks). After installing an emulator, you may utilize the editor with its very best features and tools. APK Editor Pro can give one of the fastest experience of unpacking data from this application.

2: APK File Manager

APK File Manager, This editor is currently only available on Windows Operating System. But there is a lot of powerful features. And a number of those are unique from the others. It can perform every job of editing. You can gather information from Play-Store directly with this particular editor. And also this app retains the information with the screenshot. It’s possible to rename the app’s name or title name and also edit the variants. I am mentioning the critical functions which are wanted by overall people.

3: APKTool

Apktool can be a lightweight android application editor with a few automation abilities of work that is repetitive. That means it may perform repetitive tasks having its automation feature. It can readily decode application resources. Also, it can replicate the app arrangement with framework resources. This app could modify the closed binary apps. Isn’t it awesome? APKTool is readily available for Windows users. The programmers of this editor have been working hard to update your software regularly.

4: APK Icon Editor

If you are a complete newbie, subsequently APK Icon Editor is right for you. The name”icon editor” identifies the software devoted to editing all the apps icon. So you may edit icon size, change the icon colouring. You could even alter the APK file name and version. It supports archiving from OneDrive, Google-Drive, Drop-box, and Cloud storage. It is possible to pack and unpack the database of all those apps to edit.

5: APK Editor Studio

It is an open-source and cross-platform APK editor studio for both PC and Mac. You can create and alter the arrangement of the application with this specific APK editor. This is a much more straightforward editor to get new developers and mass monitor users. Incidentally, this editor has enough features. It is possible to edit the menu, icon, picture, headline/title, app permissions, apps displays, etc. This is among the ideal APK editors for the computer as the port is userfriendly. If you are interested in altering this APK editor, you also can do it; it’s an open-minded project and free.

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