TheWiSpy: Download Android Spy App APK Version 3.1

If you’re new to spy world, then downloading the android tracking app would be a bit difficult for you. You don’t need to panic because this article includes a step-step guide. This article will make it easier for you to follow the android spy installation process. You can’t use any of TheWiSpy features unless you have the app installed on your phone or target’s mobile phone. But before jumping into the process, let’s overview TheWiSpy app quickly.

TheWiSpy: Download Android Spy App APK Version 3.1

TheWiSpy- Overview

TheWiSpy is a top WhatsApp spy app in 2021 used by parents and employees around the world. It has advanced features that help in tracking. It is a reliable text message tracker that will provide you accurate data in real-time.

You can monitor phone calls, messages, GPS location, spy through a camera phone, and use remote commands. TheWiSpy is user-friendly software. That’s why the installation process is a piece of cake. Unlike other spy apps that are complicated, TheWiSpy targets a general audience. Relax and read the article, and you’ll be able to spy without any technical restriction in your way.

How to download the android spy app?

The downloading of best spy apps for android phone in 2021 is simple. If you follow the procedure rightly, then you won’t face any difficulty. The following steps are explained in detail, so you sit back and read the article for further understanding.

  • Get your subscription:

If you want to enjoy the TheWiSpy android tracking app’s unlimited features, you first have to get a subscription. The process is simple; for starters, you should open the official website of TWS, www.thewispy.com.

Then go to the pricing page, you will be able to find it easily as the option is placed on top of the site. You will find three options listed as standard plan, premium plan, and platinum plan. A detailed overview is mentioned above.

Standard plan:

The standard plan has advanced features of TWS that help to spy on the android phone remotely. You can transfer information stored on the target device to the online portal using these features. You can subscribe to a standard plan for three different time range. It is helpful for users to not waste their money on functions they won’t use for long. Here are the primary features that are available for the standard plan.

Standard features offered:

  • App activity monitoring
  • Message spy
  • Call spy
  • Location tracking
  • Calendar spy
  • Events monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Logger
  • Photos monitoring
  • Videos monitoring
  • Contacts spy
  • Voices recorder
  • Visibility feature available
  • Battery Status monitoring
  • Remote Upgrade of the app
  • Uninstall Protection
  • One-month package:

$29.99 only

  • Two-month package:

$59.99 only

  • Six-month package:

$89.99 only

Premium plan:

The premium plan is one step ahead of the standard plan in terms of features and spying. It offers remote features that provide you fetched information remotely and give you the power to control the phone remotely.

For example, you can change the stored files on the phone or block a contact number or even uninstall an app. You can purchase this package in three different periods as well. Here are some of the essential TWS features that are available within the premium plan.

  • Video recording
  • Audio recording
  • Camera spy
  • Call Recordings
  • Remote Commands
  • Device Switch control
  • Application Activity spy
  • Text Message Tracker
  • Call log monitoring
  • Locations tracking
  • Calendar spy
  • Events spy
  • Wi-Fi Logger
  • Multimedia spy
  • Videos spy
  • Contacts tracking

Premium features offered:

  1. One-month package:

$39.99 only

  1. Two-month package:

$69.99 only

  1. Six-month package:

$99.99 only

Platinum plan:

TheWiSpy has introduced a platinum plan for its users so they can enjoy the latest features for spying. It has remote and recently launched features for better results of spying. You can also get this plan for three different time range.

You will get advanced features such as text message tracker, spy through a camera phone, call spy, and many more. Here are some essential features listed that you can avail of through this plan.

Platinum features offered:

  • Whatsapp Spy
  • Lock Screen Remotely
  • Keyword Alert
  • Call Block
  • Spy Browser History
  • Record Video
  • Record Audio
  • Take Picture
  • Call Recordings
  • Application Activity spy
  • Messages monitoring
  • Calls monitoring
  • Locations tracking


  • One-month package:

$69.99 only

  • Two-month package:

$119.99 only

  • Six-month package:

$149.99 only

  • Open your email:

Now that you’re fully aware of the plans and how to subscribe, you’re ready for the next step. After completion of the first process, you will receive an email that you’ve provided before. The email contains a URL for downloading the app on the phone and details of the dashboard account. It is a confirmation email that every user gets and if you don’t get one, then contact the service provider directly.

  • Start installing:

You must copy the URL that is available in the email and paste it on a web browser. You will find a file to install TheWiSpy. Tap on it, and it will start downloading, and in few minutes, you’ll have TheWiSpy on your target’s phone. The top best WhatsApp spy apps in 2021 will hide itself on the phone once the installation is completed. The hard part is over, and now you can fetch information on your device easily.

  • Set up your TheWiSpy account:

You need to set up your account before using the app features or start spying. The process is simple, log in through a browser and fill in the target device’s information. It will take you to the main page of the dashboard.

  • Get started with TheWiSpy:

The Android tracking app is all set for you to start spying. You will have access to all the features; those are one step away from commanding the app to fetch information. You will use a feature, for instance, GPS tracking, and then the app will start working in the phone background. The resulted data is then uploaded on the portal that you can access. You can see the results from your mobile phone or laptop.

TheWiSpy OS compatibility:

TheWiSpy is designed with the latest technology, and you can use it for any new model android device. The most petite OS version that you must confirm before the purchase is 4.0 and above. If your phone has less than this OS version, some features won’t work on your device. The famous model like Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc., supports TheWiSpy.

Customer support:

TheWiSpy offers exceptional customer support for its users. If you got any queries related TWS or its functionality, you can ask our support. They are 24/7 available to help you with your problems and resolve them in a fraction of time. It is common among customers to be stuck in the installation process or have difficulty understanding how to remotely spy on an android phone. And customer support is a beneficial and quick solution in such scenarios.


You can face difficulty during the installation process no matter how good you’re with the technology. TheWiSpy is a simple free spy app for android, but if you find it difficult to download it, this article can be beneficial for you. It has detailed information on price plans that can help you pick out the right one. And the step-by-step guide is all you need, so read the article and easily install and use TheWiSpy text message tracker.

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