Browsing Breweries: A Guide to Denver’s Unique Craft Beer Scene

Welcome, fellow beer enthusiasts and curious explorers! Denver, the “Mile-High City,” has earned a well-deserved reputation as a craft beer paradise, home to more than 70 breweries bubbling with creativity and hops. 

Beer is more than just a beverage here. It’s a way of life. From neighborhood watering holes serving lagers lovingly brewed in tiny batches to giant brewpubs where ale and city history blend, each brewery tells its own special story.

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Enter luggage storage in Denver — your hassle-free solution for stowing away burdensome bags. These services cater to typical tourists, exuberant beer explorers, and anyone needing a bag-free day of Denver delights. 

It’s not just about storage convenience. It’s about maximizing your stay in Denver. Because let’s face it, when there’s craft beer to taste, who wants to be wrestling a weighty wheelie past beer kegs or up-turned bar stools?

Navigating the Craft Beer Landscape 

Denver’s beer scene is as diverse as its landscapes, featuring a bevy of neighborhoods, each with a unique brew vibe. Whether you’re a craft beer connoisseur or a casual sipper, your palate will be spoiled for choice. So, where to start your journey of beer discovery in Denver? 

River North Art District, affectionately dubbed “RiNo,” is a must-visit for trendsetting beer enthusiasts. This area is a graffiti-splashed playground of art and ale, full of hip breweries serving high-quality brews. Lower Downtown (LoDo), home to Coors Field and Views aplenty, is the historic center of Denver’s beer scene. 

Old railway buildings are now trendy breweries offering everything from sour beers to complex stouts. With its laid-back suburban vibes, South Denver provides a local feel, boasting small breweries that serve community-focused value and variety. 

Thanks to Denver’s reliable public transportation system, moving between these areas is a cinch. Buses and light rails connect most parts of the city. For those feeling more energetic, Denver’s B-Cycle bike share program is another great option for short hops between breweries. Also, it never hurts to get a little exercise between beer stops!

What Are the Top Denver Breweries To Visit?

Now that your hands are free and your beer-thirsting taste buds are primed, let’s dive into the frothy heart of Denver’s craft beer scene. The first port of call is the Great Divide Brewing Co. in RiNo, offering a rotating lineup of 16 seasonal and year-round brews. Their Yeti Imperial Stout has a dedicated fan base — a must-try for stout aficionados!

In LoDo, Wynkoop Brewing Company is a must-visit. Denver’s first craft brewery, Wynkoop, is a historical landmark just as it is a brew haven, often credited for sparking Denver’s craft beer surge. Be sure to try their mildly hoppy Mile HI.P.A for a truly local taste. 

Head to South Denver, where Former Future Brewing Company steals the spotlight. This humble brewery is known for its experimental, small-batch brews. Their Salted Caramel Porter is a head-turning choice for those with a penchant for the sweet side of things. 

Finally, make room for Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, a shapeshifter in the Denver beer scene focusing exclusively on wild and sour beers. Their unique line-up, dizzying in its range and flavors, is not to be missed.

Are There Denver Brewery Events and Tours?

Fancy aligning your visit with some of Denver’s noted beer events? Take the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Where else could you sample 3,800+ beers from over 800 breweries? Or plan your visit during Denver Beer Week, a beer extravaganza where local breweries, beer bars, and restaurants join together for beer-centric activities.

Not feeling the buzz of the crowd? Many breweries offer guided tours where you can geek out about hop varieties, yeast strains, brewing processes, and tasting techniques. New Belgium Brewing, for instance, offers a fantastic tour that’s as informative as it is fun. You’ll leave with a hearty dose of brewing knowledge and probably a new favorite pint. 

Cheers To Adventure!

With so many elements coming together — unique brews, exceptional events, fascinating tours — Denver’s craft beer scene offers an experience like no other. It’s much more than just the range and quality of the beer. It’s the locals’ love of the craft, the camaraderie in taprooms, and the stories behind each unique brew. 

Put that luggage away, and get ready to discover an extraordinary beer adventure. Denver’s craft beer scene is as bright and refreshing as your freshly poured glass of hoppy goodness. We’ll cheers to that!

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