Tips to Avoid Going Broke When Gambling With More Money Than Sense

Many people around the world enjoy regularly engaging with casinos, and it’s easy to see why. Playing your favorite games can give you hours of fun, and the thrill of large winnings is tantalizing. However, it’s essential to regard casinos as a source of entertainment, not income.

If you start going to casinos or signing in to your online casino account in hopes of winning consistently, you can quickly end up losing most of your funds. Luckily, there are things you can do that will help you avoid going broke.

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips that should help you avoid going broke while playing casino games.

Tip #1 – Monthly Entertainment Allowance

When gambling at any casino, there is one simple rule of thumb that one must always follow. Never spend any money you cannot afford to lose. This means that you shouldn’t use the money you need for groceries, rent, bills, and other necessary expenses.

You should always make sure that all your basic needs are met. That’s why it’s wise to set aside funds to cover those and budget your income wisely. Once all of your needs are met, you can put funds aside for entertainment, like the casino, going out, dates, etc.

Then you can use that entertainment allowance guilt-free and play at an online casino risk-free. You don’t even have to spend all that money immediately. Instead, you could save up for a few months and go bigger on a single spin.

Tip #2 – Set Up a Separate Account

This one is closely related to the first tip. One easy way to keep your entertainment allowance separate from your other needs is to open a different bank account. You won’t have to think about how much you are spending since you will naturally be prevented from playing when you go low on money at the casino.

This way, you could use the card exclusively when going to a casino or playing online. If you do this, you can be reassured that the funds you set aside are safe and at no risk of being spent.

You might still want to carry your standard card or extra cash for special occasions. However, keeping these out of sight at the casino also keeps them out of mind, and this makes self-control and discipline much more manageable.

Tip #3 – Get Good Deals

You always want to be looking for discounts and bonuses at casinos. A 100% deposit bonus, special daily promos, and other extras are an excellent addition to any gambling session and can save you some money in the long run.

Look for loyalty programs as well. Joining these clubs lets you play your favorite games while you’re earning points along the way. These comp points can add up quickly and can be used for various bonuses and perks.

However, you need to be careful not to waste money just to take advantage of every promo available. Doing so can quickly outweigh any benefits you would get from that promo. Simply look for bonuses to compliment your current gaming style.

Tip #4 – Set Appropriate Limits

You might want to set regular stop-loss limits when you visit a casino. For example, after losing $100 on a single game, you will stop playing and take a break or move on to something else. Doing this will prevent you from playing less efficiently or trying to recover the losses.

Aside from loss limits, it’s not a bad idea to set win limits as well. After a big win, take the money out and have a break. Even though this sounds counter-intuitive, it’s good to have a moment to remember that luck plays a large part in winning. Don’t let the euphoria get to your head and make you lose the money immediately.

Additionally, you want to keep track of time. Since most casinos do not have clocks in them, bringing a watch with you is a good idea. This way, you won’t be distracted by your smartphone, and you won’t lose track of time either.

Tip #5 – Choose Venues and Games Wisely

You should put a great deal of importance on which casino you choose to visit. Some venues provide games and machines with better payouts than others. So make sure to read reviews and experiences before making a decision. You should also know the rules and payout for the games you want to play.

Another thing that has to be factored in is the commute to the casino, both in terms of money and time. You want to include the gas prices and other expenses into your entertainment allowance.

And if it comes to an online casino, make sure that it’s a licensed and regulated provider, offering fair T&Cs and fun deals! 

Tip #6 – Take a Break When Needed

When you are playing at a casino, you should take frequent breaks. Stand up and have a walk around the room. This is good for your physical and mental health and will keep you at the top of your game. You might even find something else that interests you.

You might also want to consider taking a considerable time out from playing at a casino if it is eating away at your budget. Going to the casino frequently can quickly increase your spending, especially if you don’t keep track of your budget. A more extended break can give you the time to ease off and reevaluate how much you spend.

Another benefit of a time out is that it can make gambling more entertaining again. Just like with any other activity, over time, playing and winning can lose their fun factor, and you quickly become indifferent.

Coming back after a few weeks or months can reinvigorate you and allow you to appreciate and enjoy the casino more. After all, distance only makes the heart grow fonder.


Gambling, whether online or offline, can be an entertaining activity. And if you follow the tips we listed above, you can make sure that you won’t end up spending all your life savings or your monthly income.

You can have hours of guilt-free fun with good budgeting, choosing good bonuses and casinos, and taking a break when needed

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