The 9 Best PS4 Game Themes

It will only be a matter of months until the PlayStation 5 is released, and Sony is already teasing us with games like Horizon Forbidden West and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Even though we are all anxiously anticipating the arrival of the next-generation console, we can still dress up our PS4s with one of the best PS4 themes currently available.

Using a dynamic theme to refresh the appearance of your console’s interface is a smart idea. A personalized menu, much like selecting your wallpaper for your phone or computer, provides a unique and personal experience, which is why it should be given top importance from a purely functional standpoint. The best PS4 dynamic themes can breathe fresh life into your interface, allowing your system to seem like it’s brand new again.

So, what are the best PlayStation 4 themes to choose from? You’ll find out soon enough!

The 9 Best PS4 Game Themes

Both ‘Game’ themes and ‘Original’ themes are included in our collection. We’ll start with our overall favorite.

BioShock: The Collection Theme

Bioshock Theme

The best PS4 theme overall

Beginning with BioShock: The Collection, we have compiled a list of the best dynamic themes that PS4 has to offer. Although BioShock is an older franchise that first debuted on the PlayStation 3, the remastered collection has seen a spike in popularity. This dramatic PS4 theme stands up to the high standards established by BioShock’s previous dystopian steampunk/horror-shooters.

It is the series’ iconic, anxiety-inducing violin tune that serves as the background music, which is both stressful and hauntingly beautiful at the same time. In the game, the interface is made out of vintage golden symbols that create a pleasant cracking sound when you cycle between them, much like flicking a hefty switch in a real-life setting.

The animation that plays as you switch between the bottom and higher menus is the most stunning of all, though. The abandoned theatre in Rapture, the underwater metropolis, is shown in the bottom menu of the website. A stinger transition is triggered when you go to the top menu. It moves the camera up through the sea, past the lighthouse, and into the sky-bound city of Columbia when you choose it.

Synthwave Night Drive Dynamic Theme

Synthwave Night Drive Dynamic Theme

The most dynamic PS4 theme available.

The Synthwave Night Drive Dynamic Theme is one of the most popular themes available on the PlayStation Store, with over a million downloads. It has a strong 80s feel to it that is sure to get you excited, which is particularly important if you are searching for the best PS4 themes that include music.

With its cheerful and dynamic vibe, the music wouldn’t seem out of place in a training video or documentary. It also has an audio effect that is similar to the swishing of a dub karate chop when you are moving between the gold-chrome icon sets.

In the backdrop picture, the famous Miami Sun is contrasted against the silhouettes of black palm trees, which are in turn juxtaposed against the bright orange and purple hues. An intriguing animation in the shape of a computer-generated grid, which symbolizes a road crawling ahead, is also included in the piece.

Untitled Goose Game Theme

Untitled Goose Game Theme

The best free PS4 theme

The majority of excellent dynamic themes can be purchased for between two and four dollars, thus finding the best free PS4 themes generally entails sorting through a large number of themes that are devoid of animation. Fortunately, the dynamic theme of Untitled Goose Game is an exception to this rule!

The theme depicts the titular goose standing atop a pile of his stolen goods against a monochrome blue backdrop, which is a hallmark of the game. Instead of music, we are treated to some ambient bird noises, similar to those that one might expect to hear outdoors on a warm spring day. As you shuffle among the symbols, a faint whoosh sound, similar to that of swinging a bat through the open air, may be heard.

The goose is mostly simply standing there, but when you cycle back and forth between the top and bottom menus, you will see that he is carrying various things in his mouth, such as keys, a fork, and so on. At some point, he just disappears until he chooses to take a leisurely walk directly in front of the camera.

Alien Laser Cat Dynamic Theme

Alien Laser Cat Dynamic Theme

The best original PS4 theme

The title of Alien Laser Cat Dynamic Theme probably provides you a fairly decent sense of what you may expect from the game. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that our second theme, also by Somequest, includes vintage synthwave music, this time with a dash of funky guitar tossed in for more flavor.

When you move between the symbols, they emit blaster sounds reminiscent of Space Invaders, which adds to the minimalist aesthetic.

Let’s face it: you’re buying this theme for the big space cat, not for anything else. A beautiful white cloak covers Captain Snowpuff (as We have called it), and his eyes fire pink laser beams into the infinite emptiness of space from under his chin. The top menu provides a new perspective, with Captain Snowpuff directing his lasers downward this time around.

He is a good boy who deserves to have his belly rubbed regularly.

Transistor Theme

Transistor Theme

The best PS4 theme with music

Bastion, an extremely successful independent game, helped Supergiant Games establish themselves as a major player in the gaming industry. Transistor was the company’s second release, and it has all of the elements that have given the studio its well-deserved gaming reputation — incredible music, engaging gameplay, and a visual style that isn’t afraid to use bright colors.

This theme makes extensive use of the game’s excellent music. In addition to being functional, which is likely to be the most important selling factor for many people, it is also attractive to look at. Moving between the top and bottom menus causes the backdrop of the cyber blueprint to change color from teal-green to red, creating a basic yet very clean appearance.

You should choose this theme if you want something that looks and sounds nice without being too distracting from your content.

4k Argos Galaxy Dynamic Theme

The Argos Galaxy Dynamic Theme in 4K resolution.

The best sci-fi PS4 theme

When the 4k Argos Galaxy Dynamic Theme starts playing, the spacescape is deafeningly silenced. As you float in the orbit of a beautiful planet, gazing out at neighboring planets, debris falls past your position. The music is slow and dramatic, with strong drum beats punctuating the stillness now and again to break the spell.

Because the symbols are specially made and Sci-Fi inspired, they make no sound when you travel between them, maybe to represent the notorious stillness found in the vacuum of outer space. Fans of Mass Effect, Stellaris, and Dead Space will certainly approve of this theme.

The Last of Us Part II Ellie Theme

Last of Us Theme

The best PS4 theme from Sony

If you purchased a PS4 only for the exclusives, there’s a high possibility that Naughty Dog had anything to do with your choice. Their games are among the most popular in the world, and they have a global audience. The Last of Us Part II was released only a few weeks ago, and it was Sony’s most successful digital launch to date, garnering 2.8 million purchases in June.

Ellie is shown in the theme as she stands in the woods with her gun ready to fire. In the background, tense music is building. It makes a metallic clicking sound as you go among the white stencil-styled symbols, which reminds you that you are in the game’s menu system.

The backdrop does not change, but the camera changes, shifting slightly to the side as you go through the top menu. Using the theme, you may get a small but distinct effect by having the icons move behind Ellie, giving the backdrop a more three-dimensional appearance.

Blood Sakura Lake HiQ Dynamic Theme

Blood Sakura Lake HiQ Dynamic Theme

The best relaxing PS4 theme

The Blood Sakura Lake HiQ Dynamic Theme exudes a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Beautiful two-tone scenery in the backdrop, with a cherry blossom tree with blood-red petals floating into a lake alongside a moon that is also blood red.

The music and sound effects enhance this traditional Japanese concept to a greater extent. When you move between the white gradient symbols, it sounds like something is being struck with a piece of bamboo, which seems to be a shamisen being played in the background. Game titles such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Ghost of Tsushima will benefit from this theme’s mood-setting qualities.

Monster Hunter World Dynamic Theme: Nergigante

Monster Hunter World Dynamic Theme

The best fantasy PS4 theme

An Elder Dragon is not for the faint of heart, and fighting one is a terrifying experience. Using one as your PS4 theme, on the other hand, is awesome. The Nergigante theme in Monster Hunter World depicts the beast itself perched on a mountain of pink crystal, peering down at you with a threatening expression.

Although the hundred-ton monster is breathing hard in the background, the soundtrack is composed of an orchestral tune that is both calm and serene. The icons have a burnished metal appearance to them, and when they are chosen, they emit a magical ping sound.

When you switch between menus, the camera zooms in close to the Nergigante’s face, bringing you much closer to those enormous yellow teeth of his.

Last words

Be sure to get a theme that matches your aesthetic. All the ones mentioned above are certainly delightful, you can get any one from the ones above and you will still be the happiest one on the planet!

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