8 Best Cyber Security Audit Companies for the Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is known as the money hub where endless transactions are happening every day. No doubt, casino owners try their best to protect users’ data, encrypted transaction systems, and other essential things to secure their online gambling platform. But even after protecting with a shield of trust, hackers innovate new ways to spy on your casino website or mobile app. And on a click, they can vanish all the valuable data for the sake of getting huge money or the database.

Recently, many popular casinos like William Hill, SBTech, Clubillion, and SuperCasino have been affected by cybercriminals’ attacks and then asked for an apology from their customers for such inconvenience. Even Gclub reported a bunch of successfully disabled cyber-attacks.

So the lessons are;

  • If you are running an online gambling platform, you must go with the best cyber security audits to get 360-degree protection. It will help you smoothly run the operations without affecting the user experience and data breaches.
  • If you are a gambler and regularly visit online casinos or sports betting websites, you must check their data protection system. It will help you prevent the spread of personal data and losing the amount you want to spend on your favourite betting site.

Now, let’s see the list of the top best Cyber Security Audit Companies for the casinos or gambling industry who can help you protect the highly secured data and allow you safely operate frequent transactions you get on your casino or game betting sites.

Top 8 Best Cyber Security Audit Companies to Protect Your Gambling Platform

1) Cyphere

The Cyphere is one of the best Cyber Security Audit companies that provides full support towards completing the standards of the gambling industry and troubleshooting the security gap, if any. Their audit includes Infrastructure Penetration Testing, Mobile app security vulnerability, cloud penetration testing, and other essential things.

2) Cipher

The Cipher gambling industry security auditing company helps businesses to protect their data breaches from Ransomware, phishing, and other cutting-edge cyber-attacks. They also give security solutions to protect the cryptocurrencies that are being used for transactions or stored in your portfolio.

3) 2 Sec Consulting

Their process of gambling industry audit starts with Scoping, then go to Gap Analysis, Remediation, Onsite Audit, and then ends with Reporting that you need to submit the gambling commission every year. The Audit service of 2 Sec Consulting company includes HR Security, Cryptography, Operations Security, Communications Security, and significantly more.

4) GLI Digital

GLI Digital supports iGaming and the gambling industry to protect from complex cyber-attacks. Their cyber security audit works on several security concerns. A few of them include Network Vulnerability, Penetration Testing, Threat, and Risk Assessment, Technical Controls, PCI Qualified Security Audit, Incident Management Audit, and more.

5) Cyber Guarded

The Cyber Guarded company focuses on Web Applications, checking ISO 27001, Cloud Security, Network Penetration Testing, Security Code Review, and other essential things that are the target of cybercriminals.

Their working process is very simple, where they protect your gambling platform from unauthorized access and data stealing. Also, they ensure you audit the technical and documentation glitches and prepare the final Cyber Security Audit Report that will be submitted to the legal department.

6) Neterix

Neterix is basically a remote gambling audit company that helps you to meet the ISO 27001 standard for running a smooth casino or other gambling business. Their audit includes all the required document preparation that is asked by the gambling commission to submit every year.

7) Cynance

Cynance is powered by Transputec, which provide in-depth cyber security audit for the gambling industry. During the process, they analyze the management risk of cyberattacks, secure network, and internet-based applications, protection against data breaches, and comply with the data and gaming protection regulations.

The gambling business audit of Cynance company includes the UKGC security assessment, ISO 27001 readiness, privacy for database, web application penetration testing, and significantly more.

8) IT Governance

This is another leading gambling security audit company that has the strength of professionals who holds the certificate of CISM, CISA, CISSP, and other essential skills. The gambling industry cyber security audit conducted by IT Governance includes determining the scope of testing, reviewing IT infrastructure and management, gathering essential evidence of security source code, user’s control access, and significantly more.

Further, they prepare the list of summaries to troubleshoot the loop wholes and based on such results. Finally, they hand you over the remote gambling cyber security audit report that is required to submit to the gambling commission.

How to prevent your gambling business from being cyber attacked?

If you are hiring a cyber-security company for your gambling site, they will let you go through all the possibilities with cures to protect you from hackers. However, sometimes, taking precautions is the best cure than waiting for the solution after facing the worst situation.

So, here are some tips to help you prevent data breaches, unauthorized transactions, and other cyber-criminal activities happening around the world.

  • Use cloud-based Antivirus software on your device.
  • Aware of phishing where two pages look the same but smartly divert your mind to steal the data.
  • Never log in from an untrusted device.
  • Always follow the strong authentication process for login, updating profile, and other secured activities.
  • Clear your browser cookies from time to time to prevent your computer or mobile from spying on applications.
  • Use the premium malware software and the firewall protection tool.
  • Use a reliable VPN. One can be found on vpnbusters.
  • Make a habit of frequently cleaning your device to delete unwanted files.
  • Use a secured internet connection that ensures the encrypted data transfer protocol.

Wrap Up

If you are running an online casino or other gambling platforms, then as per the government rules (based on your location and jurisdiction), you need to submit a report within a certain period. This report consists of the authenticity and security you provide to the users who are going to invest in your business. By hiring the best cyber security company for your gambling business audit, you can get a detailed audit report to submit to the government. Also, this audit will help you gain the customer’s trust, which is a sign of rising your gambling business.

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