Guide on How to Hire Remote Developers

Guide on How to Hire Remote Developers


Hiring a developer is never an easy process. It is time-consuming, energy-draining, and sometimes difficult to choose the right one. However, no matter what, the right hiring process could lead you to the perfect developer who encompasses all your needs so focus on your hiring process and make the most of it. 

Most companies find it safe and cost-effective to hire remote developers to build their applications. Moreover, in these unprecedented times, remote hiring has to come to the rescue for many giant organizations around the globe. This has helped combat the adverse effect caused by the pandemic.

While few companies were already preferring to go remote, this crisis has paved the way for many others to join the path. If you are in search of hiring global talent but are facing a few difficulties, then this is definitely for you. Keep reading to find out how you can effectively hire remotely!

Factors to consider before going remote

Remote development can be beneficial if your business requirements are thoroughly analyzed. It assists you in aligning your goals with the capabilities of the remote developer and planning for efficient communication. 

Various factors contribute to the success of finding the right developers for your team. Here are some considerations to keep in mind to ensure a smooth journey while looking for remote developers. 

1. Conduct a thorough screening process

Hiring remote poses more challenges than one might think. After hiring, you must thoroughly analyze the developer’s competence and dedication and what that said developer could bring to the table. Evaluating developers through a thorough screening process and detailed technical interview session could help you narrow down on the one you need. 

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2. Describe your development needs

Before the process, you must first understand and identify the needs of your development. This can help you arrive at the type of resources you require. Based on these requirements, you can either decide to hire dedicated web developers or simply involve freelance developers. Also, consider how many skilled and experienced developers you will need to complete your product development quickly and efficiently. 

3. Flexibility and Time management

The most important aspect of working remotely is flexibility and scalability. The hired developer must be able to coordinate with the in-house team and manage his/her time accordingly to effectively get the job done. When the expert developer onboards, ensure to incorporate some flexibility into your project phases to provide coordination between the whole team. 

4. Hassle-free communication

Communication is the most difficult challenge during remote development. Collaborating on a project can be difficult with different time frames, different work schedules, and language barriers. Creating streamlined communication will allow you to manage a remote team more effectively and achieve the best results when you outsource web development services.

Challenges of Hiring Remote Developers

There is no denying the fact that remote working is a rewarding process. However, there are a few challenges as well while hiring and managing remote developers.  

  • Quality of Service:

Most businesses are skeptical about the quality of services when hiring remote developers from different parts of the world. This can be about their ability to code, the quality of the talent, or even the deliverance of the final product. Few outsourcing companies who face budget constraints look for saving costs over employing qualified engineers. These inexperienced developers commit common errors that could damage the whole project. So while hiring remote, it pays better to hire dedicated web developers who are qualified for the job.

  • Communication:

The language barrier is one of the most common challenges while outsourcing talent. Communication breakdowns can result in lower product quality, conflicting expectations, and despair from both parties. Establish a common language that both sides could converse in. 

  • Differences in Timezones:

One of the major concerns that the company has when establishing a remote development team is the difference in the time zone. A huge time difference could cause communication issues and affect the development of the project. A four-hour overlap could be beneficial, so hire remote developers who are willing to work with the overlap. 

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Tips For Hiring Offshore Talent

  • Skill Specific

Hiring remote employees entail searching for a specific set of skills required to excel at remote development. Communication skills, strong collaboration skills, organization skills, technical skills, and time management are a few remote working aspects that can be used to screen candidates. Based on these factors, candidates can demonstrate their true potential and capabilities. Also, use remote tools to test the candidates.

  • Fit for the company

It is not easy to determine if the hired candidate is the right fit for your company’s values and culture even if you screened the candidates face-to-face. So how to measure it?

First, define your values and culture. Then convert these objectives into surveys or assessment questions to aptly measure the candidate’s skills. Hire remote developers who fulfill the requirements. 

  • Statement of Work

Describe your technical project requirements, timeline, guideline, and other aspects clearly in the job description. A concise statement of work document assists in matching the candidate with the right skill set you require for the project. 

  • The Right Platform 

Sometimes choosing the right platform could make all the difference. You could join hands with a trusted software development outsourcing company that could provide the right candidates. Or various online job portals can help you narrow down your search. Be clear in what you want.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers

Remote teams work round the clock and have much more flexibility. They also have lesser distractions and are more engaged when compared to employees working in the office. Remote developers follow a specific schedule to increase productivity during the development. Moreover, these talented developers come at affordable prices and have high development capabilities. And, they get more time to adapt to the changes in the industry and can survive the competition. 

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Where to find the best remote developers?

While there are numerous talent outsourcing companies out there, only very few can provide you with talented developers tailored to your needs. So if you are looking for a reputed firm that offers top-notch remote development services, then is the right place. 

Turing company, an AI deep jobs platform, sources, vets and manages talented developers using software. This fast-growing platform taps into the global pool and outsources talent from all parts of the world. It screens the engineers using a thorough vetting process involving rigorous tests and interviews. These developers are assessed based on their skill level, experience, and technology. And the best part is, Turing, matches you with developers who can fit perfectly into your company’s culture. It also helps you manage the hurdles of remote hiring such as productivity tracking, streamlined communication, and time management. 

Hire intelligently with Turing jobs and reap the benefits of working with talented developers. Find out what global organizations are saying about our silicon valley caliber developers at reviews


Hiring remote developers can be time-consuming and exhausting at times. While managing a remote team is a difficult task, the benefits it offers to the companies are immense. 

When looking for outsourcing talent, we recommend creating a list of options that meet your preferences and needs. Consider how frequently and for how long you will require the services of that professional you are looking for, as well as the goals you want to achieve, before making a hiring decision. Make certain that the team you choose to hire provides you with a valuable solution that meets the needs of your business. Most importantly, choose a reputed software development outsourcing company that can understand your requirements and meet your demands. 

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