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Consumer Insights: 4 Ways They Improve Your Brand

Working with consumer insights is a vital part of developing a better customer experience. It involves asking key questions to build a deeper understanding of your customers. 

Key Questions to Ask For Gaining Consumer Insight

  • What areas could we improve?
  • What are we currently doing well?
  • What do consumers like about our brand?
  • What do our consumers like about our competition?
  • What is important to our customers right now?

While it’s not always clear what the questions are, the process of gathering consumer insight is a vital step in developing a deeper understanding of people. Through these questions, you can get a better understanding of your target audience and develop a more robust go-to-market strategy. 

Ultimately, consumer insights are meant to help brands solve their customers’ most urgent needs and address their key issues to make their life easier and offer products of value. 

How to Obtain Consumer Insights

Surveys, polls and other forms of outreach can help gather consumer insights. These tools can be used to track the engagement of existing campaigns and identify which content is most valuable to your consumers.

In addition, insights can come from various sources that are not directly related to your brand. For instance, social listening is a great example of how to gather valuable information through user-generated content.

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Ways Customer Insights Improve A Company and Brand

1. Improving the Customer Journey

The customer journey is a process that begins after a customer decides to purchase. It involves many phases, such as making a decision to buy and engaging in various other activities.

Through consumer insights, you can reduce friction between these phases and improve the overall customer journey. Understanding the motivations of your customers is an important part of improving the overall customer journey.

2. Build Stronger Customer Picture

Creating a detailed and segmented customer base is very important to effectively communicate with them. This step can help you create personas that match their needs. Customer insights give you a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and desires. 

They can reveal their motivations and provide you with valuable data on their buying habits. Sentiment analysis is a great tool to help you visualize and understand the sentiments of your customers over time.

3. Identify Habits of Consumers

Understanding the habits of your customers is an important step in developing a compelling brand. The habits of consumers can be identified by looking at various data points that reveal the reasons why people make certain decisions.

Image recognition is a great way to get a deeper understanding of the motivations of your customers. It allows you to connect the dots between their behavior and the brand’s image. A good way to get started is by creating conversation clusters, which help gather important details about your customers’ habits. Knowing these details will allow you to align with the wider conversations happening in the market.

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4. Measure Brand Perception

Brand perception analysis is a process that’s focused on assessing the general health of your brand. It doesn’t involve identifying any specific problems.

Examples of Customer Insights

1. Quick Feedback

Being able to receive feedback once a product or service has launched is very helpful for businesses. Having a robust social listening tool will allow you to get in touch with your customers efficiently.

2. Trend Analysis

In a recent report, it was discussed the ways agencies can use consumer data to inform their creative work. One example of this is the Faroe Islands, which took the initiative to address the increasing number of visitors due to the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Through a unique marketing campaign, visitors were able to experience the beauty of the Faroe Islands through the use of cameras on the heads of local guides. When it comes to identifying emerging trends, trend analysis can help identify the potential issues that your brand could be facing. 

Consumer insights help shape your brand’s personality, and they can inform how you fit in with the tribe. By listening to your customers, you can learn about their opinions and provide them with valuable resources. Learning how to listen to and learn from your customers is an important part of developing a stronger relationship with them.

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