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10 Most Painful Places to Get Tattoos

Tattooing involves a needle that does thousands of punctures on the skin for the tattoo ink to get inside. This makes the process painful. Regardless of where it is located, a tattoo will always be painful. However, some areas are more painful than others. If you have a low pain tolerance but still want to get a tattoo, you might have to avoid some of these areas:

Eyes and Eyelids 

The eye and the skin around it is the most sensitive part of your body. That makes eye tattoos extremely painful, and most people cry, scream, and even faint from eye tattoo pain. 


This should not come as a surprise, as you already know how sensitive this area can be. Vagina and penis tattoos are extremely painful. Depending on the tools used by your tattoo artist, healing might also take months. Most people pass out when getting this tattoo. 

Armpits and Inside Knees 

These two areas are among the few areas in the body where nerve endings meet. People who attempt to get a tattoo in these places either abort the mission or pass it out on their tattoo chairs. Additionally, tattoos in these areas take longer to heal and have a higher chance of infection. The pain can be brutal and even prevent your normal daily operations. 

Under the Nipples and Ribs 

A tattoo in these areas will have you screaming your lungs out in the first few minutes. Unfortunately, it becomes impossible for a majority to stay put until the tattoo is finished. The nipple area has plenty of nerve endings, which causes the pain. Moreover, healing tattoos in this area is hard since wearing clothes on top of the tattoo make healing take longer. 

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Inner Thighs and Stomach area 

While the stomach area has no bone, it holds a lot of gut organs that are extremely sensitive. This makes sense on why stomach tattoos are that painful. It is also particularly painful for women during their menstruation period or around it. On the other hand, the inner thighs are a sexual spot, and the nerves here end up in the groin area. Moreover, the inner thighs brush too much as you walk, making healing the tattoo properly even harder. 


Facial tattoos are highly respected among tough people, and for a good reason. The main reason is the amount of pain you will have to bear to get the tattoo done. Facial skin is extremely thin. It also has a lot of nerves seeing how close to the brain your face is. 


This area has plenty of nerve endings and is also extremely bony. People with wrist tattoos do not recommend getting them, as the whole process is painful from the beginning to the end. 

Feet, Neck, Hands 

Considering the number of nerves and bones on the neck, it makes sense why most people shy away from neck tattoos. Regardless of their pain tolerance, most people with a neck tattoo will cry from pain when getting it. The hands and feet, on the other hand, are among the most bony parts of your body. That means you will feel the needle sting a lot more. 

Elbows and Knees 

While tattoos in this area are not common, people still get them. However, since these areas are extremely bony, the tattoo needle will be pricking right into your bone. Moreover, due to the wrinkled nature of the skin in these areas, the artist might have to go over every line severally. Expect to feel this pain right on your nerves. 

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Upper Back and Chest 

Generally, the torso area is very sensitive. If you have high pain tolerance, you might wince a bit due to the bony nature of this place. Combined with the prolonged healing period, an upper chest tattoo is not a good experience. However, if you have extra weight, the pain around your chest will be more bearable. The upper back, on the other hand, has a lot of nerve endings. Like the chest tattoo, an upper back tattoo takes a long to heal, as it is difficult to keep ointments and healing lotions on these areas for a long. That means the area is also susceptible to infections. 

If you love tattoos and want to get one in every possible place, it is important to know your pain threshold. Whatever motivation you have behind getting a tattoo, You must also consider your lifestyle and the environment. Some tattoos require you to wear special clothes, while others require minimal movement, if any. Avoid tattoos that can affect your skin and health, especially if you have underlying conditions. Regardless of where the tattoo is located, you must clean and moisturize it properly and ensure to use sunscreen to prevent premature aging. 


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