How To View Deleted Messages On Discord

How To View Deleted Messages On Discord

Discord is a common messaging platform among gamers. Disord is your platform at the place where they can swap contents and messages related to different games. Gamers can search for other players also form a more comprehensive social group.

However, it’s always inevitable to enter into discussions with different players, especially if things are not going their various ways.

Discord allows its users to report violent behavior. However, they have to supply the conversation’s specifics under consideration. Most Discord users are wondering if there’s a way to access deleted messages on the stage.

Reporting violent behavior demands evidence and unique aspects to confirm your cyberbullying complaint. You can send a screenshot of those offensive messages.

How To View Deleted Messages On Discord

Can You See the Deleted Message on Discord?

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The answer is No. According to discord, messages which deleted are gone indefinitely. They can’t retrieve both for text chats as well as direct messages For starters, saving deleted messages would be contrary to the principles of the stage and will breach its customers’ privacy.

Furthermore, the platform assembles like the traditional Internet Relay Chat doesn’t allow owners access to their users’ private communication. So, when a user deletes a message, this message is instantly eradicated from servers First, let’s cover everything you can perform within the indigenous Discord app to deal with nuisance people.

How to Report on Discord?

If you wish to report violent behavior on discord, you can find things you will need to do as you report.

  1. You, Will, Have to secure three IDs:
  2. The ID of the consumer’s name you would like to document. The ID of the offensive message. The ID of the server where the communication occurred.
  3. To get these 3 IDs, go to Settings.
  4. Click Appear.
  5. Click the Advanced section.
  6. Turn-on Developer Mode.
  7. Today, look for the violent message and then right-click on the user’s name. Click Copy ID and glue it onto a text file.
  8. Next, right-click on the message and then click Copy ID. Paste the ID of the news with all the very first ID.
  9. Lastly, right-click on the server name and then click on Copy ID. Paste it simultaneously with the other two texts.
  10. To examine the message, go to
  11. Beneath the What can we help you with an option, select Trust & Safety?
  12. Sort your email address.
  13. Under-report Type, Select the appropriate area.
  14. You can write an email explaining your complaint and then glue the three IDs.
  15. If you have a screenshot, do the Attachment.
  16. Click Submit once you are done.


You Can Add Bots:

If you are tired of the inappropriate content onto your server or want an instant way to select the information, there is a bot for catching screenshots.

It’s possible to make a stationed Only but takes all the pleasure out of it. Bots also create a Discord experience fun and more customizable.

Let’s suppose you are into your game, and a troll appears on your Discord server. Then either you’ll be able to stop what you’re doing, have an instant screenshot, and examine it, or use a bot that does enable you to move back to the removed messages in your server.

Dyno Bot:

dyno bot
                                        dyno bot

One of the popular bots on discord is dyno bot. Dyno Bot has superior paid features and free ones.

Even the free version can keep the last ten messages while the premium service conserves 100. Remember, the Dyno bot doesn’t store images or tell you who deleted the message.

All you want to do is head to a web browser and go to the site. Sign in using your Discord credentials. On the left-hand side, click-action Log’ after choosing which machine you are managing.



Logger appears to be an excellent resource for those who would like to keep logs of messages on their servers. More technology-savvy users can make their own. However, that one has excellent reviews and promotes itself to focus on submitting information.

Mute The Channels:

Suppose you are not a host administrator that’s experiencing harassment. Subsequently, it can’t get entirely out of discord choices when server admins can’t avoid irritating material or even warn it. Afterward, you can scatter the station for a while.

There are many reasons you could like to back up messages removed; however, whether it’s due to irritating or unpleasant articles, this is just another choice available to you.

Just navigate to the channel and tap the bell icon. Pairing the bell mutes that channel. It means you could go on playing your match or doing all things that you enjoy without bothering.

If you’ve already complained to an individual, subsequently muting the station until discord handles it is an effortless method to safeguard your inner serenity.

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