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How To View Deleted Messages On Discord

Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms, with over 150 million active users. Serving as a hybrid of chat app and discussion forum software, it enables text, voice, and video communication between users in server-based channels.

A key feature of Discord is the ability to delete your messages after sending them. This provides more control over your conversations and statements. However, you may find yourself wanting to view past messages that have been deleted from a Discord channel or direct message history.

There are several potential reasons why you would want to recover deleted Discord messages:

  • Retrieving important information that was accidentally deleted
  • Viewing message history for context around conflicts or misunderstandings
  • Conducting security audits to monitor improper use of Discord
  • Recovering lost conversations and memories for sentimental reasons
  • accessing messages deleted by other users in public channels

Unfortunately, natively within Discord there is no way to retrieve deleted messages due to architectural decisions made by Discord to protect privacy and security. Here is an overview of the key challenges with viewing deleted Discord messages and some third-party methods that attempt to surface this data.

Why Viewing Deleted Messages is Difficult

There are two primary reasons why viewing deleted messages on Discord is virtually impossible without the use of external third-party tools:


Discord encrypts all messages, voice data, media and files end-to-end by default. This means only the sender and recipient can read message contents. Even Discord itself does not have access to read message data. This encryption happens before messages are transmitted and stored on Discord’s servers.

As a result, when a message is deleted it becomes indecipherable cipher-text that cannot be decrypted, even by Discord. This prevents recovery of deleted content.

Immediate and Permanent Deletion

In addition to encryption, Discord immediately and permanently deletes message contents when a user clicks delete. The messages are removed from Discord’s servers and database making them unrecoverable through standard means.

There is no retention period or message version history. Deleted messages cannot be retrieved with a subpoena or legal request. Combined with encryption, this instant and irreversible deletion puts deleted Discord messages beyond recovery.

Why would you want to view deleted messages on Discord?

There might be various reasons why individuals would want to view deleted messages. For instance, Discord server owners or moderators, who need to manage the server’s activities or investigate a matter, might require access to deleted content. Another scenario might involve a Discord user who unwittingly deleted pertinent information from a conversation and is seeking to retrieve it.

Is it possible to view deleted messages on Discord?

Typically, after deletion, a Discord message is removed from the servers, thus making it non-recoverable. Given that Discord takes privacy and security seriously, all the sent and received messages are encrypted between the sender and recipient. This measure ensures that only the sender and recipient could read them.

Why is it tricky to view deleted messages on Discord?

By design, once a message is deleted in Discord, it is removed from their servers permanently. Discord does not have a ‘recycle bin’ kind of feature where deleted messages are stored temporarily. After deletion, both the sender and the recipient lose access to the message immediately. This permanent deletion feature is crucial for maintaining user privacy, but it also makes it challenging to view deleted messages without resorting to third-party tools.

How to view deleted messages on Discord using third-party tools

However, despite the privacy measures, it’s important to note that some third-party tools claim to allow users to view deleted messages on Discord. Tools like BetterDiscord, Dyno Bot, and MEE6 Bot are gaining popularity in the Discord community. But before proceeding, you must know the potential risks and implications associated with using these third-party tools.

Disclaimer: Usage of third-party tools to view deleted messages breaches the Discord’s terms of service. Users found utilising such tools may face potential banning from the platform. Therefore, proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Using BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord is a popular modification for Discord. It provides a variety of features, including the ability to log and view deleted messages. After downloading the application from the BetterDiscord site and following the install steps as provided, you will need to configure the plug-in to start logging deleted messages.

Using Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot is a highly customizable Discord bot that can log deleted messages. You invite the bot to your server, and then configure the bot to log messages.

Using MEE6 Bot

The MEE6 Bot is another Discord bot with logging capabilities. It works similarly to Dyno Bot — you invite MEE6 to your server, and configure it to log messages.

It is, however, imperative that users also acquaint themselves with the possible consequences of using these tools, such as account termination, intentional or accidental privacy breaches, and potential malware exposure.

Discord Chat Bots

Bots like Dyno Bot and MEE6 Bot have plugins that can record message edit and deletion events to external logs. Server administrators can configure these bots and grant permissions so deletions are captured. However, encryption still prevents reading message contents.

Local Message Caching

Some desktop Discord clients temporarily cache messages locally after receipt. So recently deleted messages may be recoverable through reading the app’s local data until it is cleared. However, this only allows very limited recent retrieval not historical.

Network Packet Capture

With access to the network traffic, it is possible to intercept and log Discord message packets before encryption and deletion. However, this requires setup beforehand. It also raises legal issues around wiretapping laws prohibiting unauthorized interception.

Discord Account Hacks

The only way to reliably read deleted Discord messages is by compromising the sender’s Discord account itself. Their locally stored message history remains accessible until manually cleared. However, unauthorized account access is illegal.

Ultimately, while technology provides some limited possibilities for retrieving deleted Discord messages, significant ethical, legal, and terms of service restrictions rightfully apply here limiting these practices.


The harsh reality is that there is no reliable, secure, and Terms-of-Service-compliant way to view deleted messages on Discord. Any method of retrieving these messages involves using third-party tools that breach Discord’s terms of service, rendering your account at risk of being banned. So every Discord user must wield these tools with utmost caution and responsibility.

Safety Precautions

Using third-party apps like BetterDiscord, Dyno, or MEE6 poses significant safety risks. These applications require access to your messages and servers. If malicious or compromised, these plugins could leak your data or expose your server to attacks. Additionally, using these tools will put you at odds with the Discord terms of service.

Discords Stance And Resources

Discord’s official stance does not favor the use of these third-party tools to view deleted messages due to privacy reasons. Various resources such as the Discord help center, Discord forums, Discord subreddit, and the Discord developer community can provide further guidance and support.

For community interactions, you can explore Discord Twitter and Discord Discord, which are official channels of discourse. And for any issues or queries concerning existing code or API integrations, developers can turn to Discord Stack Overflow and Discord GitHub. If you’d like to check out any reviews or feedback about Discord, platforms like Discord Trustpilot and Discord G2 are just a click away.

Moreover, Discord’s blog and Discord’s Safety Center provide informative pieces on safety measures, new features, and tips on utilizing the platform to its full extent while preserving the code of conduct and privacy.

In the end, it’s vital to prioritize safety and respect for privacy over curiosity or convenience. Your experience on Discord should foster a positive, respectful, and secure communication environment. Always strive to uphold these standards regardless of your roles and permissions on the server. After all, being a responsible and respectful Discord user makes the platform a more enjoyable place for everyone!

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