How to Stop Syncing Google Con­tacts to iPhone

How to Stop Syncing Google Con­tacts to iPhone

Stop Syncing Google Con­tacts to iPhone

Google Contacts is an excellent alternate to iCloud Contacts to sync contacts between phones or iPhones and Android. However, you may end up becoming confused in case you are using both of them in your own iPhone. You can remove the Google Contacts from your iPhone if you want to sync them just with your iCloud account. There are multiple ways to remove Google Contacts from iPhone.

To begin, you will need to turn off the sync for Google Contacts from Settings. This will quit syncing contacts from Google Contacts to iPhone. Of course, if you have selected Google Contacts as a default option contact saving location, it’ll be shifted to iCloud. If you’d like to stay clear of syncing new contacts to Google Contacts, you’ll have to change your iPhone’s default profile.

Further, if you want to see iPhone contacts and hide Google Contacts, you can certainly do this without deleting your Google Contacts from your iPhone. This informative article covers all of that.

How to Turn Off Google Contact Sync on iPhone

Step 1: Open Settings onto your iPhone.

Step 2: Move to Contacts. Harness on Accounts.

Step 3: Tap to Gmail.

Step 4: Turn off the toggle alongside Contacts for your Google account. IOS will remind you were saying your Google Contacts will be removed from your iphone. Confirm when asked.

After you turn off sync to Google Contacts in iPhone, the Google Contacts will probably soon be removed from the iPhone only. That is, they will evaporate from the Messenger program, and you will not be able to get them from the iPhone. But that doesn’t indicate the contacts will likely be deleted out of most of the apparatus.

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You can still get them from on the web or other devices where your Google accounts are include. Disabling Google Contacts onto iPhone won’t impact other data from your Google accounts, such as notes, calendar, etc., unless and until the toggles available next to them have been turned on.

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