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What is Misc.files in Android?

The Android operating system is the most popular smartphone operating system. For some, android is the finest. Android is a little complicated for some people. But we all know that android has a plethora of capabilities that other OS don’t have.

As a result, it has grown to be immensely popular all around the world.

Anyhow, many Android users are unfamiliar with Miscellaneous Files. They’re rather perplexed about it. You’ve arrived to the proper spot if you’re one of those who is not familiar with Miscellaneous Files and want to learn all there is to know about them.

What Is Misc. Files In Android?

The miscellaneous (Known as Misc.) files are a collection of data that is stored on your Android device. This can include Wi-Fi passwords, web history, contacts, and personal pictures. These files are usually hidden and can only be accessed by connecting your device to a PC through a USB cable.

How to Delete Misc Files on Android

In order to delete the miscellaneous files on your Android device, you must first connect it to a PC. After that, open up the File Explorer and go to the following location:


Once you’re there, delete all of the files in that folder.

How to View Misc Files on Android

In order to view the miscellaneous files on your Android device, you must first connect it to a PC. After that, open up the File Explorer and go to the following location:


Once you’re there, you will be able to see all of the files that are stored in that folder.

Is It Safe To Delete Miscellaneous Files?

No, Deleting Miscellaneous Files is not safe. If you delete the wrong files, it could cause your device to malfunction. Make sure that you are very careful when deleting these files.

Because applications utilize the .misc file extension to accumulate data, it’s important to clear these files from time to time. This implies they keep the data for programs that are downloaded to your Android phone, and if you remove any misc files immediately, some of your information, such as WhatsApp chats, papers, and other things will be lost; or even, the app may not work.

How to Recover Misc Files on Android in case deleted Accidentally?

If you delete the miscellaneous files on your Android device by accident, you may be able to recover them by using a data recovery program. There are a number of data recovery programs that are available online, and most of them are free to use.

Make sure that you connect your Android device to the PC before you start the data recovery program. This will allow the program to scan your device for deleted files. After the scan is complete, you will be able to recover any deleted files that are stored on your device.

Are Misc. Files Same As Cache Files

The most frequently asked question among Android users is whether or not various files and cache directories are the same. The answer to this question is no. The terms “misc.” and “cache” are two different things.

What Happens When You Delete Miscellaneous Files On Android?

You should normally be able to remove miscellaneous files from your Android device. After you’ve removed the miscellaneous files, your phone should have extra storage space. If you’re having issues with the ‘Storage Space Is Full’ message, eliminate any unused miscellaneous items.


So, these were a few methods that you can use to delete or view the miscellaneous files on your Android device. Make sure that you are careful when deleting these files, as they can contain important data. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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