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How To Use Spoiler On Discord? [3 Easy Methods]

Discord is a fantastic platform for keeping in touch with family and friends, as well as connecting with like-minded people. Chatting, debating, and sharing your hilarious conversations on Discord is a genuine state of pleasure.

However, there are instances when you unintentionally transmit messages that are not intended to be viewed by everyone. If you find yourself in such a scenario, you may have a panic attack. But don’t be too concerned just yet!

The Discord spoiler tags feature comes to the rescue once again. Spoiler tags in Discord are useful for informing other members of the Discord community of information that they may not be prepared to receive.

We are assuming you want to share the latest bits from your favorite Netflix program or anything else that is intended to build suspense among your friends and family. Spoiler tags may be used on the chat server to help you avoid making mistakes.

Yet, our honest hunch is that you are here since you are unsure regarding “How to use spoilers on Discord?” Folks, you have arrived at the correct location! In this instructional guide, we’ll take you through the simple breezy step-by-step procedure of How to use the Spoiler on Discord in layman Terms.

How To Use Spoiler On Discord? [3 Easy Methods]

What exactly is a Discord Spoiler Tag, and how does it work? What is the procedure?

It is possible to conceal or block off the information on Discord spoilers text and pictures by using the spoiler tag Discord functionality. The Discord spoiler tag option, on the other hand, is not accessible for Discord videos. Another important thing to note is that this function does not remove Discord communications from your account.

This Discord spoiler tag also enables the material to be accessible just to those who are interested in it or those who the user specifically requests to see it. If anybody wants to see Discord spoiler pictures and text information, they must first click on the blackout notice for it to be shown. Those who do not want to view the spoiler may opt-out of seeing it.

Not only can you conceal text, but you can also conceal images. Discord, a messaging software that enables users to illustrate the text with pictures, gifs, and emoticons, is a fantastic tool for communication. Users may generate a variety of effects by using various markdown features. It was recently announced that the Discord spoiler tag will be introduced to the Discord excellent markdown feature.

This is a spoiler tag. Messaging on Discord entails configuring your mobile Discord app for Android, iPhone, browser, as well as your desktop Discord software for Mac and Windows.

What is the best way to use spoilers on Discord?

The most recent update has made it simpler than ever before to add the Spoiler tag to Discord. Let’s go through the procedure of how to post a spoiler on Discord step by step.

The first method is as follows:

One of the quickest and most straightforward methods to include the Discord spoilers tag into your text is to highlight the text on the chat server.

To begin, enter the message you wish to send, then select the text you want to conceal and press Enter. It may be selected using the right-click menu. When you do this, you will be allowed to add a spoiler tag to your display. The “Mark as spoiler” option will be chosen when you click on it, and the piece of text you selected will be marked as a spoiler.

For other people to view the text contained inside a spoiler, two bars will appear on each side of the text (vertically piped), which indicates they must click on it.

The Second Method:

The second method of adding the spoiler tag on Discord is to use “/spoiler” at the beginning of the message you wish to keep hidden from others. When you submit the command “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” on the chat server, the message is revealed. It will automatically conceal your content until the user chooses to see it by clicking on the text.

In the most recent version, you may even conceal the link as a spoiler by marking it as such. All that is required is the addition of two bars at the beginning and the conclusion of the URL link.

By using Markdown:

Another option for spoiler-tagging Discord words and pictures is to make use of the “Markdown” programming language.

  • To begin, enter your text.
  • Two bars should be added on each side.
  • For instance, ||Insert spoilers here||
  • To write these bars, use the following keyboard shortcut: “Shift + BackSlash” on your keyboard.
  • Send the message by clicking on the send button.
  • Your message will be hidden by spoiler tags, as well.

What is the best way to use Spoiler on Discord Images?

You must first upload your file or picture to the Discord chat server to use spoiler tags on Discord photos. Then, immediately next to the conversation bar, click on the ‘Eye’ shape symbol to the right of the chat bar. Before you share your picture or file on Discord, you may get a preview of it. To transmit it in the chatbox, you must first choose the mark spoiler option in the checkbox to conceal the image/file after it has been sent and then click on the upload button. After receiving a spoiler, the user must click on the spoiler to see the picture or file that was provided.

FAQs: Spoiler on the Discord server

1: What is the procedure for using spoiler pictures on Discord?

To add spoiler tags to pictures on Discord, follow these instructions:

  • Open checkbox
  • After your message has been submitted, click on “Mark as Spoiler.”
  • To upload, click here.
  • Post completion of this procedure, the picture will display behind the spoiler tag. As a result, other users will have to click on the file or picture to see it.

2: How can I add spoiler text to a Discord channel?

On Discord, you may use the spoiler text command by prefixing your text with “/spoiler.” Once sent, your message will be immediately hidden on the Discord server unless the other user explicitly requests to view it. Another option is to enter two vertical bars on either side of the text, as seen in the example.

3:What is the best way to flag a spoiler on Discord mobile?

For Discord mobile, you must follow the same procedure as described above in more detail:

  • Open chatbox.
  • Type the message.
  • Include or type “/spoiler” at the beginning of the message.
  • Feel free to send it. And now it’s finished!

4:What is the best way to transmit videos on Discord?

The quickest and most convenient method of sending movies on Discord is as follows

  • Open Discord.
  • Navigate to the chat server.
  • In the conversation box, tap the Plus (+) symbol.
  • Double-click or choose your video.
  • Finally, press the “Upload” button.

Final Thoughts

The spoiler tag function in Discord operates like a bi-bid-ba-bi-di-boo magic spell. You accidentally sent the incorrect message; however, you may conceal it by using the spoiler tag. Hiding your accidentally transmitted Discord text messages, Discord pictures, and gifs is no longer a tough task to do. The procedure for how to become a spoiler on Discord may seem to be a complicated question. Fortunately, we’ve made it simple by providing three ways that you can utilize to create spoiler tags on Discord.

Which technique seems to be the most straightforward to you? Leave a comment in the section below.

We would love to have the opportunity to hear more from you!

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