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There are affordable packages available from AT&T for homeowners and small businesses alike. Compared to Dish, Spectrum, DIRECTV, and Xfinity, the number of channels is fewer, but the selection of TV packages is not quite as expansive.

Do you need AT&T TV service to make the right choice?

In case you’re curious, we’ve compiled a list of all the channels AT&T offers.

These plans offer several excellent incentives, including free premium channels for three months and no equipment fee for up to four rooms. AT&T offers television packages that include both internet service and home phone service.

AT&T TV packages

It understands that customer needs vary, which is why AT&T provides various services. Depending on your viewing habits and budget, the company offers several TV packages.

AT&T TV & internet packages

AT&T’s Internet and phone services sound interesting to you. Your situation is not unique.

Bundling your home phone service and high-speed internet connection is good if you have both. You can save on several of your services through double- and triple-play bundles.

AT&T TV channels

Sports channels

There is nothing like AT&T TV’s sports programming to smother you. One month of free service makes this Package even better. In the Sports Package, you can choose among several channels, such as beIN Sports, CBS Sports Network, ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Goal Line, FOX Deportes, FOX College Sports Atlantic, PAC 12 Bay Area, and HRTV.

On AT&T TV, you can also watch the following sports categories:

  • Professional Sports: ESPN, NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, World Fishing Network, outdoor TV, The Tennis Channels, and more.
  • College Sports: CBS Sports, ESPNU, ESPNU, the SEC Network, the Longhorn Network, the Big Ten Network, and more.
  • Spanish Sports Channels: ABC Sports, FOX Sports, GOL Sports, Univision Deportes.

Movie channels

In addition to premium programming, it offers the same selection as its competitors. Several movie networks are available here, including Showtime, Cinemax, HBO, and EPIX. For each channel, we provide the following information:

  • With HBO, you can access movies, original shows, documentaries, comedies, and music specials of the highest quality.
  • Movies, sports, and specials at Cinemax are always the best.
  • Showtime – The Showtime channel offers a wide range of new and original programming, as well as documentaries, documentaries, and specials, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Several Hollywood movies are available through EPIX, from Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, Samuel Goldwyn, and Roadside.

To order premium programming, you must launch the TV, Account Manager on Channel 910.

Music channels

At&T TV has Stingray Karaoke, which allows you to sing while you watch. The AT&T TV app offers even more digital music channels than AT&T TV.

The Stingray Music genre is available on 5100-5174 HD channels. If you want to access the app directly, tune to channel 500/1500 HD on your AT&T TV remote or press Interactive on your AT&T TV remote.

The following channels are accessible as well: Greatest Hits, Dance Clubbin’, Alt-Rock Classics, Hip Hop, Urban Beats, Rock Alternative, Heavy Metal, Pop Adult, Freedom, Maximum Party, Popcorn, OMG, Kids’ Stuff, Nothin’ but the ’90s, Hot Country, Today’s Latin Pop, Samba & Pagode, Tagalog, Asian Hits, Total Hits – France, and Euro Hits.

Kids channels

AT&T TV makes it easy for kids to watch TV. Channels, apps, and other features are available with parental controls for children and babies.

Several channels and features are available with U-verse:

  • Featuring short programs and music clips for children, BabyTV offers a variety of short programming. The engaging and fun nature of this channel promotes interaction during the daytime. In the early hours of the morning, when babies are waking up, BabyTV broadcasts soft music and gently moving visuals to soothe them.
  • Toddlers are encouraged to develop at a high level with BabyFirst TV. A variety of basic learning programs are provided by this channel, which is commercial-free.
  • Digital children’s books are available through Tumblebooks, an interactive application. This program is recommended for children in prekindergarten through sixth grade.
  • AT&T KIDS! This free TV app gives kids a variety of ways to discover content. Many options are available to parents to ensure that their children watch appropriate content. This app requires an Internet connection.
  • SCRABBLE Scramble, Deal or No Deal, Solitaire, Animal Match, Jump Peg, and Unblock are just a few games on AT&T Games Channel. To use this app, you will need AT&T Internet service.

AT&T Latino packages

Would you be interested in a Latino package? It is taken seriously by AT&T. Spanish channels can be accessed by purchasing the Spanish Package. You can choose from various AT&T Latino packages, such as U-basic Latino, U-Familia Latino, U200 Latino, U300 Latino, and U450 Latino.

Specifically, we will discuss U200, U300, and U450 packages for Latinos. If you live in Puerto Rico, you can also use AT&T services. AT&T’s Puerto Rico store locator will show you what AT&T stores are near you.

  • U200 Latino: The Latino package includes U200 along with the Spanish Package, which offers 60 channels.
  • U300 Latino: The U300 Package and the Spanish Package are combined in this Package.
  • U450 Latino: U450 Latino includes all U200 and U300 as well as the Spanish Package.

AT&T channel guide

Were you looking for information on AT&T channel availability in your area? When you choose the AT&T TV service, you won’t have to worry about that. TV and AT&T TV tabs contain the U-verse AT&T channel guide.

In addition to package and channel information, it is possible to select and view English and Latino channels. You can also filter channels by category and watch only HD channels.

A channel can also be searched using the search bar. Cable TV providers in your area can be found using your ZIP code if you do not know which ones are available.


According to the Nielsen Company, adults tuned into an average of 2059 channels in 2016. The number of channels viewed, however, was 19.8.ver, was 19.8. There is no need for more than twenty TV channels.

Subscribers to AT&T enjoy reliability and affordability, but add-ons are expensive. Despite this, it boasts a wide selection of channels and apps, with a strong emphasis on children’s media and apps. Bundling television, high-speed Internet, and phone services can save money.

Due to its flexibility, several channels, and emphasis on apps, AT&T U-verse is worth considering if you live within its service area. You can also watch TV online for those who want to eliminate their cable bill.

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