How to Connect Laptop to TV Via HDMI

If you get bored or annoyed with the small screen of your laptop during Coronavirus lockdown, you should probably try to use your big TV as a monitor. It’s great to sit on your sofa, surf the web, play PC games, or stream videos from apps available on your TV. Or maybe you want a great view for a video chat stuck at home.

There are also disadvantages to using your TV as a monitor. The text can be too small to view, the input interval can ruin your gaming score, and when the sofa feels comfortable, it can be a pain in the neck when presented as an office chair. May change And then there’s the mouse, trackpad, and keyboard to worry about. But going from PC to TV works well in many situations, and the best part is that it’s cheap (or free) depending on what gear you already have. You can visit the Guide Era for the further technical informations.

HDMI Method

The most basic PC-to-TV connection consists of running wires from your computer to the HDMI input on your TV. If you have an old TV and an old laptop, there are options like VGA, but this is the dark age right now.

Laptops and PCs have different connections, so your computer depends on which cable or adapter you need to run. If you’re not sure, check the manual or Google’s model to determine its specs. This is a cursory view.

Full-Size HDMI

If you’re lucky, your laptop has a full-size HDMI output, so you can use a standard HDMI cable to run on your TV.

The full size HDMI was also discussed by the Display Pick.

Micro HDMI

These smaller versions of HDMI require only an adapter or a cable with regular HDMI at the other end to connect directly to your TV.

All of these usually work with HDMI as well. Thunderbolt is found on many laptops. The first two versions of the connector were similar to the mini display port, so the HDMI cables or adapters should work from the mini display port. Newer versions use the same connectors as USB-C (see next section). A full-size display port is common for Windows PC. Again, you will need an adapter or cable with this type of connection and HDMI at the other end.

Many modern laptops only have this type of connectivity. Normally you only need one adapter (USB-C to HDMI), and it will work fine, but sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Like the Microsoft Surface laptop and many others, the MacBook has worked for the last few years. Note that USB-C uses the same physical connection as Apple’s Thunderbolt 3.

There are so many types of laptops out there. We can’t say for sure which particular adapter will work for your computer. If you are not sure, Google your brand and model before buying any adapter.

Also, in some cases, the quality may be lower. You probably won’t even get HDR or 4K resolution, so if you want the best image quality for videos, you should use a different method to bring videos to your tvs, such as Roko or Blu-ray.

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