5 Excel Tips Every User Should Know

5 Excel Tips Every User Should Know

Microsoft Excel is a program that was first created in 1985. Over 36 years later, we’re still using this program; that’s just how useful it is!

But despite its popularity over the years, Excel is still shrouded in mystery, even to those who use it frequently.

No matter if you’re new to Excel or are a veteran, there’s always more to learn. In this article, you’ll find 4 tech tips you should know for this program!

5 Excel Tips Every User Should Know

  1. Automate Your Calculations

One of the biggest benefits of using Excel instead of writing things by hand is that it can automate your calculations. So if there’s any tech advice you should take, it’s definitely this one!

Take a look around Excel and familiarize yourself with the functions that’ll make your life much easier. They include:

  • SUM
  • IF

By using these functions, you’ll save lots of time and cut down on errors!

  1. Learn the Shortcuts

If you’ll be sitting in front of your computer for hours on end, you should learn some Excel shortcuts. These will save your wrists!

Some examples are:

  • Current date: Ctrl+;
  • Change format of date: Ctrl+Shift+#
  • Current time: Ctrl+Shift+:
  • Hide current column: Ctrl+0
  • Hide current row: Ctrl+9
  • Toggle to show all formulas: Ctrl+`
  • Switch open workbooks: Ctrl+F6
  • Open right-click menu: Shift+F10

Of course, there are tons of other shortcuts available. So take some time to browse the manual to see which ones are relevant for you.

  1. Use AutoFill

You might love working with numbers, but let’s face it: when using Excel, there’s lots of repetition. Not only is this boring, but again, it can be taxing on your wrists.

What you can do is use the AutoFill function!

To do this, enter the data in the first few rows. Then, put your cursor on the fill handle. When you see a +, you can click and drag all the appropriate cells. These cells will automatically fill in the pattern you’ve started!

You can also select from patterns. Just mouse over the fill handle, and when it becomes a +, click and drag the appropriate cells, and then look at the menu. Select the parameters you wish from there.

  1. Take Advantage of IronXL

This one’s for the more advanced Excel users!

IronXL is basically an entire library for C# and Excel .net files. What this means is if you use this library, you can access Excel files (XLS and XLSX) without having to use Microsoft Office!

This means that if you’re using a device that doesn’t have Excel, or you just don’t want to pay for Microsoft Office anymore, you can get around this by using IronXL.

Try Out Our Tech Tips for Excel

After reading this article, you now have several tech tips for Excel to put into play.

So the next time you boot up the program, keep these computer tips in mind. They’ll make your time with Excel so much easier and more efficient!

For more technology advice, explore the rest of our blog page now!

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