Tricks To Help You Remember Anything before class 9th Maths exam

When you are preparing for class 9th Math exam, it can be a stressful time for you. But if you have studied hard and prepared properly, you don’t have anything to worry about. However, hard work and the right preparation are not enough for you to perform well and score good marks in the exams. Regardless of how much you have studied, you might be struggling with memorizing things. Memory is a muscle and you have to get it in shape. It will help you remember things easily and quickly. In this article, you will learn about some study hacks that will help you remember information before your exam.

Tricks To Help You Remember Anything before class 9th Maths exam

  • Take a walk before the exam

It has been proven that exercising can boost your brainpower and memory. Research shows that just 20 minutes of exercise before your exam can significantly improve your performance.

  • Instead of just reading, speak out loud

Even though it might seem a little crazy, you should give it a try. You will be surprised at how much you can remember after you have said it out loud. Please note that you shouldn’t try this at a crowded library.

  • Give yourself a reward

There are several ways of integrating a reward system while studying so that you are more efficient. It can be as simple as having a piece of chocolate that can motivate you to study.

  • Teach someone what you have learned

If you want to make sure that you understand something, the best way to do this is by teaching it to someone else. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find someone to listen to you explains a concept. You can simply talk to a bunch of stuffed animals.

  • Make mental associations

Making connections not only helps you remember information, but also fuels your intelligence and creativity. By creating mind maps, you can create a visual overview of all the connections.

  • Draw diagrams

By drawing diagrams, you can visualize the information that is hard to describe otherwise. It will be like creating a visual memory for your mind that you can recall later in the exam. 

  • Use Times New Roman

There is a reason why the default font on most applications is Times New Roman. It is the fastest font to read.

  • Use apps that block distracting sites

There are some apps that block certain websites for a limited amount of time to help you avoid distractions. 

  • Watch a documentary

If you want an entertaining way of finishing an entire story in a small amount of time, documentaries are key. They help you remember important details from the story. Also, you can get extra credit for taking the initiative and watching a movie about the topic.

  • Use Google like a pro

When it comes to researching sources online, you need to save time and master the biggest search engine on the planet – Google. There are a lot of tips that will help you find what you need quickly.

  • Create flashcards 

If you want to test your knowledge of key definitions, formulas, quotes, and concepts, you can use flashcards. If you don’t want to create paper flashcards, there are online software or apps that can help you do the same and have a quick memory buzz.

  • Take study breaks regularly

It is important that you take study breaks regularly so that your brain is able to absorb more information. It also helps keep you focused and motivated while you are working. After every study session of 45 to 50 minutes, you should take a short break. This is because, after this period, your concentration and focus will get impaired. Studying anything new after an hour and 30 minutes won’t get assimilated.

  • Listen to the right music

Listening to the right type of music can help elevate your mood and live a more productive style. But, you have to be very careful or else you might end up losing your concentration and focus.

  • Have a portable study space

You might be a creature of habit and have a favourite seat in the library. However, studies have shown that when you change your study spaces, your information retention improves.

  • Practice as much as you can

When you practice sample papers or previous year’s question papers, it helps train your brain in retrieving information. Take help of ​​9th class maths book solutions to assess weak and strong areas. The same goes for reading tests as well. You have to create a realistic, exam-like condition for testing your understanding.

  • Don’t be up all night a day before your exam

The nights before your exam, make sure that you get enough rest. When you are sleeping, your brain starts assimilating all the information that you have learned. So, having a good night’s sleep can help you remember all those pesky details for the exam.

  • Find new ways to learn

You have to try several study methods to find the one that really works for you. You can use technology to your advantage. This includes downloading dictionary apps and watching educational TED talks.

  • Use gum or scents for jogging your memory

Even though this might seem random, the truth is that spraying an unfamiliar scent while studying is a study method that can jog your memory when you spray it again before your exam. Chewing gum works in the same way. 

  • Have a study group

When you study in a group, it can help you get new insights and enhance your learning experience. If you can’t meet with people in person, you can use online tools for discussing ideas, sharing resources like NCERT solutions, and interacting with other people.

  • Meditate

Meditating is a study method that can help you remain focused while studying. Not only does it help you concentrate, but also reduces the stress that you have before the exam. It improves your physical and mental health as well.

When you are giving your exam, it is important that you stay positive. Having such a mindset while writing your exam can have a positive impact on your results. 

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