What Channel is the Dodgers Game on Today on DIRECTV?

Are you wondering what channel the Dodgers game is on today on DIRECTV? You’re in the right place! This is a common question that many Los Angeles Dodgers fans and sports enthusiasts find themselves asking. The process should be simple, especially if you’re a loyal DIRECTV customer seeking to tune into the latest Dodgers game. In this article, we are going to address this question in detail.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, an integral part of the Major League Baseball scene, have significantly shaped America’s sports culture. A rich history punctuated by remarkable triumphs and dramatic moments has earned them a dedicated fanbase spread across the globe. The good news is, for this zealous fan community, catching their favorite team’s games live is easier now than ever. But the question stands: what channel is the Dodgers game on today on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV, a prominent player in satellite television services, encompasses many channels catering to a broad audience with varied interests. However, for keen sports enthusiasts, specifically baseball fans, finding the right channel for their preferred game is paramount. Hence, understanding what channel the Dodgers game is on today on DIRECTV is crucial and ensures an uninterrupted, enjoyable viewing experience.

Following the Dodgers game on your DIRECTV subscription brings the roaring crowd, heart-stopping pitches, epic home runs, and unparalleled excitement of the ballpark right into your home. All the thrill and enthusiasm of the Major League Baseball season is merely a click away, once you know exactly where to find it.

So, what channel is the Dodgers game on today on DIRECTV? is something you need to know to cheer for your favorite team. But don’t worry. We are here to help you become a savvy viewer and allow you to tune in at the right place and time to experience baseball magic.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the nuances of your DIRECTV sports channels, zone in on where the Dodgers games are broadcasted, and equip you with additional tips and resources that ensure you never miss a hook, swing, or catch from the Dodgers’ match. Thus, your journey to discover what channel the Dodgers game is on today on DIRECTV begins here!

What Channel is the Dodgers Game on Today on DIRECTV?

What Channel is the Dodgers Game on Today on DIRECTV?

Today’s Dodgers game is on channel 219 (FOX SPORTS 1) on DIRECTV. Baseball enthusiasts may sigh relief knowing Fox Sports 1 is a part of DIRECTV’s inclusive offerings, allowing everyone to partake in the game’s drama as it unfolds.

However, there’s more than one chance of catching all the strategic swings and high-speed pitches. Should the Dodgers’ game be broadcast beyond the scope of your area due to regional mandates, it’ll be accessible on channel 213 (MLB NETWORK) or channel 209 (ESPN 2). Both channels are renowned for providing premium, thorough coverage of MLB games, guaranteed to satisfy your craving for America’s favorite pastime.

The answer to your pressing inquiry is that today’s Dodgers game is on channel 219 (FOX SPORTS 1) on DIRECTV. Ardent Dodgers fans will find solace in that Fox Sports 1, a pioneer in sports broadcasting, is included in the DIRECTV package and will show the Dodgers game in all its glory.

However, that’s not the only avenue to relish Dodgers Baseball. In the occurrence of potential blackouts that may restrict the game in your area, you can tune in to channel 213 (MLB NETWORK) or channel 219 (ESPN 2). Both esteemed sports channels are committed to delivering engaging and high-quality broadcasts of your favorite MLB games, ensuring every pitch and home run doesn’t go amiss.

How to Find the Dodgers Game on DIRECTV

How to Find the Dodgers Game on DIRECTV

Finding the Dodgers game on DIRECTV is a walk in the park. Those with a DIRECTV DVR will appreciate its search function that allows you to find the Dodgers game by inputting the team’s name or code. Boasting sheer convenience and ease of use, this feature enhances the viewing experience of many DIRECTV users.

Additionally, the DIRECTV channel guide is an incredible tool that assists you in navigating the sea of entertainment options available. Offering a comprehensive list of everything DIRECTV has to offer, you can depend on this guide to find the Dodgers game without any hassle.

If you’re still not confident about the exact channel the Dodgers game will be broadcast on, don’t hesitate to contact DIRECTV’s customer support. Their expert consultation can guide you through the myriad of channels and help pinpoint the much-awaited Dodgers game.

Finding the Channel

DIRECTV offers multiple methods for easily finding which channel the Dodgers game is on. Here are the various ways to conveniently access this important information:

DIRECTV Channel Guide

DIRECTV Channel Guide

The quickest way to find the Dodgers game channel is by accessing the DIRECTV channel guide directly through your TV set-top box and remote control. Under the Sports tab, look for the listing associated with the <b>Los Angeles Dodgers</b>. This will display the specific DIRECTV channel airing the Dodgers game today.

Depending on your DIRECTV package, the game may be shown on channels like <b>SportsNet LA</b> (the Dodgers’ regular Regional Sports Network), <b>MLB Network</b> (for national broadcasts), <b>FOX Sports 1</b>, <b>ESPN</b>, <b>ESPN2</b>, <b>TBS</b> (for national broadcasts) or alternate channels (for overflow broadcasts). The channel guide will list the exact DIRECTV channel in its dedicated sports section.

You can also access the DIRECTV channel guide online by logging into your DIRECTV account. This allows you to find the Dodgers channel at home in front of your TV or on the go.

DIRECTV Website and Mobile App

DIRECTV Website and Mobile App

For another fast way to find the channel, access the DIRECTV website at or use the DIRECTV mobile app. Both the website and app have TV listings easily searchable by date, time and team or network.

Look for the listings associated with the <b>Los Angeles Dodgers</b> or networks like <b>SportsNet LA</b> and the DIRECTV channel number will be shown. A dedicated “My Teams” section allows you to customize based on your favorite clubs for quick access to their DIRECTV channels and viewing schedules.

The DIRECTV mobile app adds the convenience of finding the channel while away from your TV, so you never miss the start of a game.

Social Media

Social Media

Follow the Los Angeles Dodgers and DIRECTV on Twitter and Facebook for regular game day posts announcing what channel the Dodgers are on. These real-time social media updates provide a helpful supplementary resource alongside the DIRECTV channel guide listings.

Specifically, look out for posts from handles like @Dodgers, @SportsNetLA and @DIRECTV. Review the hashtags #Dodgers and #DIRECTV for additional details on the channel and programming information.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Finally, you can call <b>1-800-DIRECTV</b> before or during the game and speak with a customer service representative. Let them know you are looking for the channel airing the Dodgers game today, and they can provide this over the phone after referencing the DIRECTV channel guide.

There is also a customer service chat feature on where representatives can assist in real time with finding the Dodgers channel. This chat support allows you to conveniently multitask on another device while still getting the Dodgers channel number delivered straight to you.

Additional information

Additional information

With DIRECTV carrying SportsNet LA as the regional home for Dodgers broadcasts, most games will air on this channel through the season. However, channel blackouts can occasionally occur due to league restrictions when the Dodgers match up with a team in its designated market.

If the channel comes up unavailable due to blackout, remember there are alternative viewing options available as a DIRECTV subscriber:



DIRECTV STREAM allows you to access the same Dodgers game channels and content via internet streaming rather than satellite dish. This gives viewers flexibility when traveling or if a technical satellite issue occurs. –

For truly dedicated fans who follow the Dodgers both home and away all season long, adding access allows you to stream live out-of-market games not shown on DIRECTV channels. When synced with your DIRECTV subscription, all Dodgers content can conveniently be viewed through one service.

Here are additional helpful resources for staying updated on Dodgers viewing information via DIRECTV:

DIRECTV Website –

DIRECTV Website -

Visit to access regular MLB schedules, channel listings and programming details helpful for tracking the Dodgers.

There is also a MLB schedule page specifically outlining channels for upcoming Dodgers games based on national broadcasts or SportsNet LA availability. Customizable email alerts can be set up to notify you of game time changes or programming updates related to the Dodgers on DIRECTV.

MLB Website –

MLB Website

For supplementary schedules, stats and news on the Dodgers, is the league’s official site connecting fans with comprehensive team coverage. Details on start times, probable pitchers, channel info and matchup analysis makes an immersive one-stop portal to complement your live DIRECTV viewing of the Boys in Blue.


1. What Channel Will the Dodgers Playoffs or World Series Games Be on With Directv?

Answer: During the MLB postseason and World Series, there are additional national broadcast partners that air the games beyond the local regional sports networks. With DIRECTV, Dodgers playoff and World Series games are typically shown on channels like FOX, FS1, TBS or MLB Network.

Consult the DIRECTV sports schedule guide during October or check the DIRECTV website/mobile listings for the exact channel to watch each playoff and Fall Classic game. Games may be featured across multiple DIRECTV channels for overflow coverage.

2. Does Directv Offer Any Free Previews of the Sportsnet La Channel So I Can Watch the Dodgers?

Answer: DIRECTV sometimes offers free preview weekends of certain channels, including the SportsNet LA regional sports network that airs Dodgers games. This allows non-subscribers to sample the DIRECTV sports package offerings.

Check the DIRECTV website social media pages or tune to channel 100 on your TV for announcements regarding any free views of SportsNet LA. This will feature live Dodgers game broadcasts even without a DIRECTV subscription.

3. What Streaming Options Do I Have for Watching Dodgers Games if I’m Not Able to Watch Directly at Home?

Answer: If you need to stream and can’t directly watch your home DIRECTV broadcast, there are streaming alternatives to catch Dodgers games, including:

  • DIRECTV STREAM app using your DIRECTV login
  • MLB.TV app with a subscription
  • YouTube TV, Hulu Live or other TV provider mobile apps
  • SportsNet LA live stream on the Dodgers website

Check with DIRECTV Customer Service about compatible TV Everywhere apps to watch SportsNet LA remotely. And confirm your mobile provider and internet data plan can support live video streaming to enjoy Dodgers games on an alternative device.

4. How Can I Set My Directv Dvr to Record All Dodgers Games Automatically This Season?

Answer: Access your DIRECTV DVR manager online or through the mobile app to auto-record Dodgers broadcasts. Under sports teams, save “Los Angeles Dodgers” as a favorite. Toggle the option for your DIRECTV Genie DVR to record upcoming programs or entire seasons under this team. This will set your DIRECTV system to record every Dodgers game shown on channels you receive to watch on delay or skip commercials. You can customize start & end times for ultimate convenience, catching all the Dodgers action while skipping spoilers!


Whether through the DIRECTV channel guide accessed via your TV or set-top box, the DIRECTV website and mobile app listings, social media updates or customer service support, many helpful options exist for locating exactly what channel the Dodgers game is on today.

With the Regular Season spanning over six months and nearly 100 Dodger broadcasts on DIRECTV per year when accounting for home and away games, the ability to conveniently find the dedicated channel is key to following all the action. Add in potential Playoff and World Series appearances carrying championship implications, and missing a single pitch or moment is tough for any diehard Dodgers devotee.

So use this guide to channel discovery as a blueprint when searching for that treasured channel number ahead of the first pitch. Then relax to enjoy Dodger baseball all season long broadcast via your trusted television provider, DIRECTV.

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