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Gadgets to Make the Perfect Outdoor Home Cinema.

In the midst’s of summer evenings, what’s better than an open-air movie night? The Covid-19 pandemic saw the closure of cinema and movie theaters all over the globe, which meant many homeowners resorted to their creative streak and created an at-home movie experience. Outdoor cinemas don’t have to be expensive and are now a hugely desired feature of properties- especially if you are partial to a warm summer evening surrounded by friends and family. It’s a great way to transform your garden and is a versatile form of entertainment that also allows your garden to become a stunning backdrop for your favourite films and are also a huge hit for properties that are on the market. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, then We Buy Any House have listed our top gadgets to help you create the mother of all home cinemas.

#1- Pocket or Pico Projector:

Don’t let the name fool you, this device packs a punch. You can’t have a movie night without the film being screened, so a projector is definitely first on the list. A laptop isn’t big enough for multiple people to gather around and installing a TV outside may be risky for security reasons. The pocket or Pico projector is a portable, mini sized projector that displays the size of an actual movie screen when projected onto the wall and is easy to operate and sophisticated in design.

#2- Inflatable Movie Screen:

It may be hard to project a movie screen onto a brick wall or a surface which isn’t appropriate, and even painting a wall with projector screen paint doesn’t have the desired effect. You may need to invest in a movie screen, and an inflatable one is a great choice. The inflatable part of the screen allows the screen to stand on its own, so you don’t need to buy the metal support beams and expensive rig, and instead can be placed directly in front of your projector with ease. The screen stands strong even in windy conditions and is easily moveable. 

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#3- Speakers:

If you want that true movie theatre feeling, then invest in a set of speakers which contain an amplifier. Spreading the frequency between two speakers results in a better and clearer sound, ensuring you don’t miss a word of the film. Bring in the Noise offers a comparison between the Edifier R1700BT VS R1280T bookshelf speakers.

#5- Fire Pit:

Although summer nights create a beautiful atmosphere, when the temperature drops, it can tend to get a bit chilly- and no one wants to be sat around in cold temperatures watching a film. If you want to get cosy whilst watching a film, then a circular fire pit is a great idea to put in the middle of the seating area. Using a pit that burns wood is a good idea, as it produces less smelly smoke and can still be used even if it’s a bit windy.

#6- String Lights:

Create the perfect ambiance in your outdoor movie theater by hanging string lights across the garden fences. They typically emit a dim, yellow lighting that is bright enough to set the mood, without blinding guests or taking away from the film. 

#7- Camping Chair With Can Cooler:

If you don’t want your bum to go numb after sitting on the floor for hours, then a camping chair is a good, transportable option. The Coleman’s Camping Chair has cushioned seats, and it’s defining “it” factor is that it comes with his own cooler in the side pocket, and can keep up to four drinks chilled.

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