5 Closet Must-Haves : You Must Know

Certain clothing items are wardrobe staples. These items are your go-to, must-have clothes that you rely on to create new outfits each day. When you see an outfit put together, you might have a hard time noticing which pieces are classics and which are trends. The confusion can make it challenging to know which clothing items are must-haves and which are simply embellishments. Here, we break down the essentials from the accessories so you can stay up-to-date on the five top closet must-haves for 2022. Let’s get started! 

  • Comfortable Daily Wear Shoes

Think about your style and personality and how these two intertwine to create your fashion sense. The shoes you wear should also emulate the overall aesthetic you’re going for so that your whole outfit stays consistent with whatever fashion look that may be for you. 

Aim for a balance of style and comfort with footwear so you’ll wear your shoes more often. You’ll want a pair of shoes to turn to for most of your outfits. Whether you like kicks, combat boots, or mary janes, you’re golden as long as you can pair your shoes with your daily outfits. 

  • Your Favorite Jeans

Your trusty pair of jeans is one of the essential closet must-haves to incorporate into your outfits. If you can, try buying similar pairs so you have more options to work with for each outfit you come up with. The need for other pants will occur less often unless you work in a formal environment. 

A rack of jeans in your closet is a sure-fire way to guarantee great outfits for everyday wear. For most people, a few pairs of black slacks along with some jeans will do the trick for go-to pants essentials. 

  • Neutral Tees And Tank Tops 

You also want a mix of neutral tee-shirts and tank tops to use as base layers for the outfits you create. Neutral colors go with everything, so you’ll likely use many of them as you create your outfits. 

You can pair these base layers with your jeans as a general starting point for your outfits. Keep things simple by incorporating these basic pants and shirts together; they act like the primer for the rest of your outfit. 

  • A Light Jacket

A go-to light jacket is always necessary whether you like leather, denim, or nylon materials. Whether it’s a little chilly outside or you want to add a bit more edge to your look, your go-to light jacket will do the trick.

Currently, 80’s bomber jackets are back in, as are vintage leather and denim jackets, given the uprise in sustainability ethics and fashion trends. You might find one-of-a-kind options! Check out thrift stores near you to see what options you can find for cool light jackets. 

  • Add An Accessory Bag

Find a bag that can be used as your go-to bag or purse daily. Ideally, this bag will be oversized to fit everything from your laptop to your makeup. The convenience of having everything you need with you while remaining on top of fashion is a win-win. Go with bold colors like teal blue or purple to make a statement. Bright shades and neon colors are back in style, with 80s fashion influences trending right now. 

The Bottom Line 

The closet must-haves for 2022 are those clothing pieces you can turn to for your everyday outfits. With tops, bottoms, footwear, and outwear covered, you’re ready to go no matter where the world takes you. Get styling, fashionista! Consider the above suggestions as you create new outfits that reflect your style and personality.  

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