What Channel is NBC on DIRECTV?

Where can you find NBC on DIRECTV? Working is the most common activity people engage in during their day. Your favorite television show is the perfect way to relax after a busy day. It is challenging to unwind and enjoy what you love working in an office.

Hello, everyone! How would it feel if a single channel carried almost every entertainment genre – sports, comedy, drama, news, reality shows, talk shows, award specials, sports opera, and children’s programming?

In the United States, NBC is the oldest major broadcast network and one of the ‘Big Three’ television channels. It was discovered around 94 years ago and is known as “Big TV Starts Here!” NBC is an American television channel with a slogan saying, “Big TV Starts Here!”.

What Channel is NBC on DIRECTV?

What Channel is NBC on DIRECTV?

Due to its ownership by NBCUniversal, the company has around 200 subsidiaries nationwide, making it easy to reach subscribers near and far.

In rapidly growing urban or rural areas, DirecTV is available to AT&T customers. DIRECTV is America’s favorite satellite TV service with an unprecedented network lineup and coast-to-coast coverage.

NBC is available from home through DirecTV, which you can subscribe to. You will remain calm if you keep reading.

Even though only TWO satellite television service providers provide high-quality entertainment, DIRECTV is the largest satellite television service provider in the United States, with more than 16 million subscribers.

The number ONE satellite service in the nation is available everywhere; there is a clear view of the southern sky. DIRECTV offers the highest quality service through its incredible deals.

Due to DIRECTV’s extensive programming lineup, Americans have everything they need on TV.

DIRECTV is the only TV provider with the highest picture quality and guarantees 99 percent signal stability. A soda bottle and a signal power your binge!

On Directv, What Channel is Nbcsn?


Are you a sports fan of American teams? Are you planning to install DIRECTV at home? For DIRECTV selection and packages above, we recommend you purchase.

Additionally, DirecTV offers well-known networks such as NFL Network, NBA TV, and Eleven Sports, in addition to NBCSN.

There is no doubt that DIRECTV offers an extensive channel lineup with over 330 channels to choose from. A package such as DIRECTV diversion combines traditional pay-TV with native networks. Premium networks are available with more advanced packages. Many tracks are available on networks, so new users may have difficulty finding one that meets their preferences.

You may find the guide confusing when you’re just signing up for DIRECTV.

In the DIRECTV channel range 220, you will find NBC Sports Network. Basketball, high school soccer, and the NASCAR Premium League are among the sports available on NBC.

NBC Sports DirecTV also offers sports like the Olympics, NBA, NFL, NHL, golf, tennis, racing, boxing, figure skating, college football, and World Athletics Championships. Choose your preferred or affordable plan to watch the best satellite broadcast programming.

Finding the NBC Channel on DIRECTV

Finding the NBC Channel on DIRECTV

I. Standard Channel Number

  • The most common channel number for NBC on DIRECTV across all packages and locations is channel 12. This is where NBC is broadcast on DIRECTV’s lineup in many major media markets.
  • However, depending on geography and other factors, channel 12 may not be accurate for NBC in all cases. It should be used as a starting point when searching for NBC.

II. Location-Specific Variations

  • The designated media market determines the local NBC affiliate broadcast on DIRECTV for a viewer’s geographic location. This means the channel number can vary.
  • For example, NBC may come in on channel 10 in Los Angeles, channel 7 in Chicago, and channel 15 in Miami on DIRECTV. The local affiliate station is different in each area.
  • Checking the channel guide or lineup for your zip code and region is the best way to determine NBC’s channel specific to your location.

III. Using the DIRECTV Channel Guide

  • The most reliable way to lookup the channel number for NBC in your area is by using the DIRECTV channel guide system.
  • Access the guide via your set-top box, the DIRECTV website, or mobile app to search for NBC and confirm the channel number.
  • This will provide accurate, real-time channel listings based on your account details and location. All variations for your area will be reflected.

IV. Alternative Methods

  • In absence of the channel guide, you can contact DIRECTV customer support for assistance in finding your local NBC channel.
  • As a last resort, referring to general online channel lists can provide clues but may not reflect location specifics.

Additional Information About Finding NBC on DIRECTV

I. NBC World

NBC World

  • NBC World is a specialty channel available on DIRECTV that offers NBC news and programming content with an international focus.
  • NBC World is located on channel 357 in the DIRECTV channel lineup regardless of package or geography. It does not change.

II. Local NBC Affiliates

Local NBC Affiliates

  • Local TV affiliates are regional broadcast stations that air NBC shows in various media markets under agreement. The local affiliate you receive impacts channel positioning for NBC programming.
  • For example, in Los Angeles it may be KNBC channel 4, while WSFA channel 10 in Alabama. The affiliate varies.


DIRECTV Packages

  • DIRECTV offers different TV packages beyond the base options, such as Premier, Ultimate, and specialized tiers.
  • Higher DIRECTV packages tend to offer more local affiliates and NBC access. But channel locations can still vary across areas.
  • Check the channel lineup available with your specific subscribed package to confirm where local and national NBC feeds reside. Listings will reflect any variations.

So in summary – NBC World on 357 nationwide, local affiliates by designated market area alter NBC channels, and all DIRECTV packages may differ in channels available.

Most Popular Content on Nbc

You’ve been interested in NBC’s content, but what else is there? On NBC, you can watch various shows from various genres for hours on end. Take a look at these highlights:

The Red List

Action, crime, thrillers, and puzzle fans will enjoy The Blacklist, which offers a thrilling blend of action, corruption, and mystery. An FBI agent claims to be a spy for the organization in The Blacklist, a book about the fugitive Raymond “Red” Reddington. His only contact was Elizabeth Keen, despite his circumstances. Would you be interested in that? Watch NBC find out what’s happening!

The show America’s Got Talent.

A sanity-preserving distraction, America Got Talent, airs on the NBC network during the summer. The show has had 14 seasons, so there is no shortage of excitement. Several rising stars compete to win a $1 million prize and the title of America’s favorite, ranging from comedians to dancers to magicians to singers.


Various genres can be found in this show, including adventure, crime, drama, mystery, suspense, and romance. Time Square is the setting for Blindspot, a movie about a naked girl who is found with no memory and tattoos covering her body.

For Agent Kurt Weller and his FBI team to reveal Jane’s true identity, a piece of evidence must be gathered. When Jane and Weller unravel Jane’s past and discover who is behind this mystery, they discover that the secret is much deeper than they first thought.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an excellent choice when you get home from work and want something light to watch. With his strange but amusing commanding officer, Ray Holt’s wacky detectives solve crimes in Brooklyn, New York, on NBC, your DIRECTV.

NBC also broadcasts several exciting shows and programs. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), This Is Us (2016), Superstore (2015), and The Voice (2011) are examples. Furthermore, there are game shows such as Weakest Link, Cannonball, and The Wall and reality TV shows like The Titan Games (2017) and The Voice (2007). Awards ceremonies such as the Golden Globes or Billboard Music Awards can be watched live on NBC.

The network’s daily schedule includes NBC News, Dateline NBC, Meet the Press, A Little Late with Lilly Singh, Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The National Dog Show, and Days of Our Lives.

Can I Get Nbc on Directv?

We’ll learn a little about NBC Sports DirecTV’s channel lineup. AT&T DirecTV provides high-quality digital television transmissions to nearly 18 million households in the United States.

With this service, people living in geography-challenged areas can enjoy top-tier TV programming regardless of their lack of cable service. The special ENTERTAINMENT package and the deluxe PREMIERTM package offer superior entertainment value and various channels. With any DIRECTV package, you can access the NBC channel immediately.

  • For NFL Sunday prices, on-demand titles and limited 4K HDR programming for 2020 season games will be streamed LIVE on the DirecTV app and TV everywhere through the DirecTV app.
  • With a Genie HD DVR, you’ll get 200 hours of storage and a free HBO® premium subscription for a year, as well as free Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® 200-hour subscriptions.

Frequently Ask Question

Q 1: What if I Can’t Find Nbc on My Directv Channel Guide?

A: If NBC is missing from your guide, first double check that you have entered and saved your zip code in your DIRECTV account. This ensures your location is associated with your service. You may also need to restart your box to update channel information. If it is still unavailable, contact DIRECTV to ensure NBC is offered in your package for your region.

Q 2: How Do I Watch Nbc Shows if I Don’t Have the Right Package for That Channel?

A: If NBC is not included in your base DIRECTV package, you do have a few options. Consider upgrading to a package, like CHOICE or above, that contains your local NBC station. You can also authenticate through DIRECTV to unlock live streaming of NBC on the network website or app. Other options are NBC’s Peacock streaming service or an over-the-air antenna.

Q 3: Can I Stream Nbc Programming Through Directv if I Don’t Get That Channel?

A: Yes – DIRECTV subscribers can access live NBC streams, on-demand programming, and some exclusive online content through the DIRECTV website or mobile app. Log in with your DIRECTV account credentials to watch eligible content without needing the actual channel tuned on your set-top receiver. Restrictions related to your subscription package may apply.

Q 4: What Nbc Channel Will I Get Based on My Zip Code?

A: The best way to determine your local NBC channel position is by entering your zip code into the DIRECTV website under My Services or using your DIRECTV set-top box settings. This will tune your guide to your designated market area to display channel variations specific to your location. Channel numbers can change between regions.


Whether you enjoy movies, TV shows, or news and current events, NBC on DIRECTV has something for you. Choose a service that offers a wide selection of networks within the DIRECTV Channel Lineup.

All budgets’ entertainment needs are met with DIRECTV’s entertainment packages. There is an NBC channel available with every DIRECTV package.

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