7 Proven Ways Responsive Web Design Beneficial for SEO

The internet is a constantly changing and evolving field. Mobiles have officially replaced desktops as the preferred platform for web browsing. It is important for businesses to have websites that provide relevant and smooth user experience on all platforms.

It is essential for SEOs to remember that Google is highly user-centric, and it favors strategies that do likewise. Having a responsive Atlanta web design earns you Google’s approval which is basically an SEO’s primary goal. In turn, your organization will gain a competitive edge over other businesses through a manifold expansion of your customer base.

With these factors in mind, here are seven ways in which a responsive web design helps achieve SEO goals.

  • Site usability

One of the basic reasons for users not staying on a website for long is difficulty in navigation. As any SEO expert knows, the time users spend on a web page determine its value or quality for Google. 

Creating a google responsive web design means that you need to have a user-friendly design. Website visitors should have a convenient and pleasant experience to engage them for an extended time period. It will further help you in repeated visits from users and higher conversion rates. 

  • Loading time

The loading time of your web page is another leading factor in Google’s ranking. The faster it is the better chances there are of your websites rising in the ranks. It is an SEO’s responsibility to work on this aspect of your webpage to ensure success on search engines.

More mobile responsive designs tend to help websites in loading faster compared to those which are not.  A boost in search engine ranking and user experience are both affected positively by this approach. 

  • Bounce rate

When a user spends a brief period on your website or leave as soon as they arrive is referred to as its bounce rate. It is considered by Google similar to the above-mentioned factors while ranking a website.

Higher bounce rates noticed by Google can spell trouble for your website. Google perceives it as the website’s inability to respond to user queries. A responsive SEO web design not only focuses on design but also delivering content in a crisp and uncluttered way.

  • Duplicate content

No matter how advanced search engine crawlers get, they still SEOs to direct them towards the most vital pages of a website. Sometimes this leads to the creation of duplicate features. This occurs when despite the website URLs being different on mobile and desktop, the content remains the same.

Duplicate content serves to harm rankings if you are unable to guide Google to your site’s core web vitals. However, responsive web design also helps out in this area as a single URL will work on all devices. 

  • Social media

Although social media is technically not a directly related factor, it helps build audience and a following. A responsive web design makes it easier for users to share your content on social. Which can potentially help you to increase number of website visitors.

  • Cost Optimization

It is cost effective to build a single responsive website for all devices. It can be considered one of the best website design tips for SEOs. Only one domain has to be paid for, one URL is hosted, and updates are needed for one website. Separately each of these can cost an organization much more of they own multiple sites. 

  • User-friendliness on all platforms

Responsive web designs adjust according to device resolution and screen size. A seamless browsing experience is most valued by users. And Google finds it easier to index, crawl, and organize your web content. As it is able to do so without having to go through different versions of the same website.

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