VoIP Number for Canada: Everything is Clear, Simple, and Easy

It’s easy to use a virtual mobile number (VN) without an operator’s SIM card. You don’t even have to visit a communication store to connect it. Both an individual and an organization can buy a VoIP number and get significant advantages. Let’s take a closer look at what the principle of such numbers operation is based on, what they are capable of, and how they can be used.

Internet is the only thing you need

VNs work based on IP telephony, and it, as you know, is based on the use of Internet protocols for establishing communication, session management, and data transfer. A VoIP number is practically no different from a regular VN and has the following features

  • Binding to a specific SIP account. You can buy and connect a VN in a few clicks when a company has a corporate virtual PBX.
  • There are no visual differences from regular mobile numbers. Operator codes, length, and available combinations of numbers are similar. There are also no controversial points in the communication: the proper quality is ensured for comfortable conversations in a case when there’s access to an Internet channel with the required characteristics. You need to connect to an Internet with a bandwidth of 100 Kbps or more in order not to experience discomfort while conversing. The ping does have to exceed 100-150 ms during packet transmission, and jitter (the parameter that characterizes the deviation from the average delay level) would be no more than 20 ms. There are also requirements for packet loss rates – no more than 5%.
  • Availability of a wide range of options. VoIP number for Canada and other countries comes with standard call management features such as call forwarding, recording, etc.

VNs open up several possibilities for businesses looking to separate their personal and work calls. In addition, some businesses are investing in these services to establish a local presence in a certain key area, such as Canada.

VoIP features of VN

Many default and optional features/capabilities are available to users who have connected to this service. VoIP numbers can be easily integrated into the corporate network with the ability to use some useful features

  • Participation in call forwarding and call management schemes. Everything is the same as for ordinary VNs.
  • Integration with CRM with the ability to use a wide range of functions, such as receiving/making calls directly from the working window of the CRM system, access to the corporate subscriber database, adding a client card in a few clicks, and maintaining statistics on calls, etc.
  • Telephone conversations recording. You can use the voice analysis and translation to text module in order to quickly find some information.
  • An IVR menu, a voicemail machine, and the possibility of organizing automatic calling of subscribers using a robot, and connecting a module for collecting feedback are also regarded as pleasant benefits.
  • The ability to participate in audio and video conferences, and send multimedia and files of various formats.

There are also many VoIP providers, which services differ in prices and features. It is important to consider the required features and the number of employees you want to contact before choosing a provider for your business. Pay attention to the well-known and reliable Freezvon Company that is on the ball.

Which devices can be used for a Canadian VN? 

Any and all, the main condition is that they need to have access to the Internet. You can buy a VoIP number to use on

  • Stationary computers and laptops. Providers offer software to work with such numbers for Windows, MacOS, Linux (and sometimes for other operating systems). Also, some IP telephony service providers make it possible to receive and make calls to such numbers via a browser (special widgets are used for this).
  • Smartphones. Providers offer mobile applications for various operating systems for smartphones as in the previous case.
  • IP phones and classic phones are connected to the network using a SIP adapter.

In general, the considered service will be useful for both businesses and individuals. Anyone will find benefits for themselves because the IP telephony provides users with access to a huge number of features available by default, as well as options.

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