How To Wash Large Full Body Pillows

When you decide to buy a large pillow for sleeping, you hardly thought then how you would wash it, but this question remains relevant for everyone who uses a long hug pillow every day and night. Like any other bed linen, such a pillow for the whole body needs to be refreshed from time to time.

Should it be washed by hand or in the washing machine? At what temperature should I wash a large pillow with cotton? Read to find out how to wash a body pillow.

So, if you bought a hug pillow with high-quality synthetic cotton, bio-fluff, micro balls, or artificial swan fluff, then machine washing a large sleeping pillow is the easiest and fastest way to refresh your pillow. In addition, you’ll have more time to relax and spend on yourself since the washer and dryer will take care of everything. 

  1. Make sure the full-body pillow fits comfortably in both the washer and dryer. Do a test run before adding water and detergent. U-shaped 340 cm and U maxi full body pillows are the most popular types of pregnancy pillows that require a large washing machine.
  2. If your hug pillow has a pillowcase, remove it and wash it separately. By removing the pillowcase from the large pillow, you prevent most of the pillow from tearing and tangling inside the cover.

You must learn how to put the pillow back into the pillowcase. Although we sew in long zippers, some find it difficult to insert and remove long covers!

  1. If you have a zipper on the pillow itself that doesn’t close, washing in the washing machine can rip it apart and ruin your favorite pillow. For added security, use a small safety pin through the zipper to ensure the zipper on the hug pillow is fully closed.
  2. For almost all large pillows for sleeping and pregnant women, it is recommended to use a gentle cycle with cold and warm water. Do not wash pillows with other clothes or linens, and do not use bleach, as it may damage the pillow.
  3. After washing, rinse the pillow thoroughly with cold water. You can do this with the machine’s rinse cycle. Many maternity pillows are made from absorbent materials that can hold detergent, so you’ll need a rinsing routine.
  4. Be sure to use a mild, fragrance-free, chemical-free detergent if you are pregnant or have allergies. During pregnancy, your skin can be very sensitive, and strong cleansers can irritate.
  5. Use a slow drying cycle. High heat and strong rotation may cause the cushion to warp, melt, or shrink. To dry your pillow quickly on high heat, it is better to keep it in the dryer for a longer time at a lower temperature.

Now you easily buy organic body pillow when you know how to care. A large full body pillow will ensure you a healthy sleep, and to extend its life, you need to remember simple rules for care. A hugging pillow should always be kept clean because you sleep on it every day and rest all the time, so it is advisable to purchase several replacement pillowcases for your set.

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