Why choosing the right bedding is so important

“The average person spends an incredible 229,961 hours in bed throughout their lifetime, which is essentially a third of their lifetime.” I’ve already spent more time than that in my lifetime!

Our beds are incredibly important, not only are they the place where we recharge, dream and rest, but many of us will have breakfast in them, chat to friends on the phone, use them to mull over important decisions or have meaningful conversations with a romantic partner. Our beds are a huge part of our lives so why not start using your bed to its full potential?

What quality should I look for in bedding? 

There are a few qualities that you should look for to ensure your bedding is high-quality, helping you to a good night’s sleep. you want your bedding to feel comfortable on your skin but it needs to do much more than that as well. Here are some of the main things to look out for when you’re searching for the right bedding for you.

Thread count – Thread count is an important thing to consider before purchasing a new bedding.  However, don’t just assume that because the thread count is higher the quality is better, it’s not always the case. Generally speaking a thread count between 300 and 500 is a good mix of softness and strength.

Breathability – You want to make sure that you’re choosing a natural fibre that will allow your body to breathe while you’re in bed. Choosing something very synthetic will mean the air and moisture is not able to easily escape from underneath your bedding.

Material type – Generally speaking, 100% cotton bed sheets are a good way to go as they tend to be affordable but also high quality. If you’re looking for something even more high quality you could go for Egyptian cotton which is another very popular choice. It’s softer and more durable making it the more premium option. You could also opt for silk bedding which has a multitude of advantages for your skin and hair. 

Why is high quality bedding so important?

Choosing the right bedding for you is incredibly important, not only do we spend a huge amount of our lives in our beds but the recovering and resting we do there is vital for the rest of our lives. Choosing a high quality bedding means first and foremost that you will be getting a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep. 

Hugo Anglesford of comments: “Your bed is the place where you recharge and refuel for the day ahead of you. An uncomfortable bed means lower quality sleep which in turn will hit your productivity and affect you at work. If you are less productive you will not work as well as you will find that you struggle to succeed at work. Sleep should never be underrated and can never be understated.”

Your comfort is so important when it comes to bedding and getting a good quality night sleep. A good night’s sleep can set you up for a long and healthy life. Good quality sleep has been shown to help us reduce stress, balance hormones and even lose weight. So don’t underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep and don’t underestimate the importance of good quality bedding in helping you achieve that night’s sleep.

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