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Making Videos for Facebook: Everything You Need to Know

Over the years, video marketing has become one of the best ways to attract the attention of potential clients. And with the popularity of social media platforms, videos have become even more effective for all types of businesses.

Among all the social media platforms, Facebook stands out as the most popular across all age groups. It makes perfect sense for business owners like you to take advantage of this popularity and make Facebook videos that will keep viewers engaged–and entertained–as you promote your product or service.

About Facebook video marketing

Facebook marketing involves using texts, images, and videos to connect with users of the platform. Many businesses—including big companies and SMEs—are actively using Facebook to generate leads, retain existing customers, and gain international popularity.

Of all the tactics digital marketers employ to advertise on Facebook, videos have proven to be the most effective because incorporating a befitting video into your Facebook ads can improve your sales by almost 35%.

With over 2.9 billion active users, businesses are constantly growing their number of followers and forming online communities by posting engaging videos on their Facebook pages. An even more interesting thing about Facebook video marketing is that you may not need to spend money on ads if your video is well-made.

A captivating video will make people interact more with your page, and you could see millions of organic likes, shares, and comments because of the large number of people that actively use the platform. Imagine what will happen when you boost such a video with Facebook ads.

In addition to the effectiveness of marketing videos and the popularity of Facebook, how you make your videos will be the main determining factor of your success.

You should invest your time, money, and skills into making sure that you develop videos that match Facebook visual dynamics as well as your business goals.

How to make the best videos for Facebook

If you have never made videos for Facebook, you may think it is hard, but it can be easy if you understand how Facebook works. Fortunately, the platform has been tailored to help you create customized videos to boost your business. The following tips will help you:

  • Your video should begin with something that will grab attention.

You are not the only one on Facebook trying to get your target market’s attention; your competitors are also making videos. So, your videos’ first four to six seconds must be captivating enough to make people stop scrolling and watch.

Many good videos don’t get their deserved attention because viewers stop watching after the first few seconds. To avoid this, use comedy, an unexpected scenario, or address a trending issue in the first few seconds of your Facebook video.

Facebook is beneficial to business owners that use their platform to share videos. So they have many tools you can use to make the most lucrative videos for your brand.

It is advisable to use Facebook templates because you can always go right when you are being guided by the owners of the platform you want to use. Templates also save you time and energy when making Facebook videos.

  • Format your videos properly for mobile devices.

Facebook is a social networking and instant messaging platform. So, a high percentage of users access the app with their smartphones. And this makes it very important for you to understand Facebook ad sizes and create mobile-friendly videos.

When making your videos, Facebook recommends using square or vertical aspect ratios so they’ll be accessible to users of different types of devices.

Benefits of using videos for Facebook marketing

There are so many advantages that come with using Facebook video ads for your business, some of which are listed below:

  • Facebook users love watching videos.

In one day, over 140 million people watch videos on Facebook; this is a very high number, and it clearly shows that Facebook is one of the best places to upload videos for business purposes.

  • They have high conversion rates.

Facebook videos are known to have high click-through rates, so you can get more followers and record more sales when you make great Facebook videos by following the tips stated above.

  • They are perfect for retargeting.

Some people may have come across your Facebook business page or expressed interest in one way or another in what you do but have yet to actually visit your website or make a purchase. With Facebook’s retargeting feature, you can show your videos to such people and reignite their enthusiasm for your product or service.

  • They are budget-friendly.

On Facebook, you can upload videos that millions of people could see for a relatively affordable fee. So, instead of investing a huge amount of money in TV ads and other forms of traditional marketing, you can reach more people, get better results, and still stay within a friendly budget–all on one platform.

The cost of Facebook video advertising

As already stated, promoting your business videos on Facebook is affordable. The main determining factor is the budget you have set aside for it and the kind of actions you prefer.

After you plan your budget, you can set it up in your Facebook ad manager, and you will not spend beyond that limit. Typically, you are expected to pay about $12 per 1,000 impressions until you reach the spending limit you have set.


Facebook is designed to help you succeed, and marketing videos are already proven to get more engagement and sales. So, you need to use all the available resources to your advantage by working with a good team and taking all the necessary steps to make great videos for Facebook.

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