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How to make your post go viral on Instagram in 2022?

Earlier in time it was way easier to make a publication gain attention from people who were not subscribed to you before. All you needed to do was just to mutually follow and like people who are asking to do it using tags – #followforfollow and #likeforlike were sort of obligatory tags to any post, and content creators were using them massively. However, those times have passed, and today it is a little bit more difficult to make a post go viral and spread a word about it all around the world. But it is still possible, but takes more time and money – yes, free methods are still here, but they are very effortful and take lots of time and knowledge of how IG works. In this article we will be reviewing some helpful tips and tricks that you can use to make your post popular and gain as many thumbs up as possible.

Firstly we have to say that tagging still works – you can still use hashtags for your posts and hope for those to bring you new readers. But you need to collect them decently and do it only on the topic of your post. Don’t use the tags that are far in theme from what you are posting about – it can lead you into the shadow ban. It means that your post won’t be shown to people as recommended from that moment on, because Insta is going to take your profile as fake and spam one. So, start collecting your hashtags from the widest term that fits your post’s description and move to the narrowest one. This way you can stay sure that you won’t leave any possible word out of your sight. 

The next thing is using cross posting. If you already have a somewhat large audience on other social media, you should definitely talk about your post there. Make people aware that you are making great quality content and they will want to support you. If you are selling some kind of products and services using this platform, you can give away a promo code for discount for those people who will subscribe to you first. It works just fine and it will never stop working. In addition to cross posting you can also comment on the pages of your competitors under the posts where their audience gathers to comment the most. Make sure that you have a “speaking” main picture and username, so that people would click on your profile when they see it amongst other commentaries. 

Now let’s speak about the paid promotional services that you definitely should use. We would say that there are two of them – the ones that are almost obligatory – and that the other ones are way less efficient. So the first one is a chance to buy Instagram likes – those will be able to build up a decent base for your profile that you will be able to rely on later. But, you should not try to purchase as many of those thumbs up as possible. Try to organize the promo in a natural way, so that it won’t call for any suspicions from the audience that you already have and the one that is yet to come. 

Plus, you should be interested only in a chance to buy real Instagram likes, because the fake ones can drown your statistics. Insta perceives each page as the number of real (active) and fake (inactive or dead) followers that a creator of the profile has. The more real subs and real thumbs up (comments, video views, etc) they have, the higher are their chances of being shown and recommended to other people on Insta. And vice versa. Now you know why services for promotion should be real and this is why you should always check the quality of services that you take on. 

The second option is an inner Instagram ad – it can be set on a post or on a story. We would recommend you to set it on a post, because this is exactly the way that your publication can become viral, and when people see the ad of the post they actually click on the post and go straight to the profile of the creator. And when they click on a story, they go to the creator’s stories, which is not that convenient. Don’t set a budget too high, try to make it suitable to your current account’s size and the amount of money that you can definitely spend without hesitation and worries.

Use these methods and don’t forget that a big part of success lies on you – you are the only one who can provide the audience with attention and all the answers to the questions that they need. A viral post is a great thing, but it is not everything that you need to make your profile popular and loved. So be there for your audience, don’t ever forget to post regularly and always be in their sight with a bunch of entertaining stories. This is key to success – and if it sounds too easy, just try to do all of that first. Good luck!

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