Importance of Gamification in eLearning

Learning has always been perceived as a boring and tedious task for the longest time. This preconceived notion made every learner hate the idea of sitting in a classroom to learn or study on their own. However, times have changed, to counter the boredom of learning, many experts came up with interesting ideas. One tool that came up in this process is the learning management system, this tool helped the learners to learn things in a more interactive manner.

Most learning management systems like Absorb training provide this amazing feature known as gamification. Gamification allowed many organizations to deliver their training more effectively and in a very engaging manner. Gamification allows to create real-life experiences and is very similar to playing games. So, it allowed creating interesting educational content irrespective of the subject or the audience.

The gamification usually consists of interactive elements like badge customization, badge, customized gamification mechanics, leaderboards, levels, points, and rewards. All these features make learning more interesting. It creates healthy competition among the learners through badges and leaderboards. Like this there are many more benefits of gamification, let’s know what those are.

1)Provides an engaging experience:

The first and foremost advantage of gamification is that it offers an engaging learning experience to the users. Learning feels more like a game that engages more people to learn this way. The rewards in gamification can be very motivating and intensely satisfying. In a way, gamification made learning fun and engaging.

2)Provides real-time feedback:

Feedbacks are very important to see the progress in anything you do. The games will immediately show the consequences of your actions as they display the rewards and points immediately. This allows reflecting back on where the learning is lacking and how to improve it. At the end of the day, it’s highly impossible to improve when you don’t know what you need to improve.

3)Motivates the learners:

Motivation is one of the biggest factors to anything you do to give your best shot. Boosting motivation is probably one of the most evident benefits of gamification. Scores and points help the learners to gather measurable rewards for their efforts and they can use them to unlock exclusive exercises or get access to additional resources when they progress.

4)Better knowledge retention:

When you try to understand a concept and learn it with all your concentration and interest, then you are likely to retain it better. Gamification helps you do that exactly. Simple game-based learning has proved to provide a better learning experience. If your employees retain all the concepts they have learned in the training program, they are likely to apply that in their work which helps them to perform better. This is useful for both the organization and the employees as well.

5)Creates healthy competition among the learners:

Who doesn’t like to be at the top? Sure everybody does. It’s that undying wish to be better than the people around that gives us that extra motivation to perform better. Some amazing gamification features like score charts, ranking, and leaderboards, etc helps to create healthy competition among the learners. When you score well, you are at the top of the score charts which is there for everyone to see. These little things motivate the learners to give their best.


Providing an engaging and immersive learning experience is the only way to make the best use of training programs. Many corporate companies have realized this and are slowly transitioning to provide the same to their learners. It’s high time you embrace this change in your organization to provide the best learning experience to your employees. We hope this article helps you in noticing the importance and impact that gamification has on eLearning.

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