How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone without iTunes

The conventional way to add music to your Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod is via iTunes. However, iTunes transfers the music from your computer to iPhone by syncing, which is a long and tiring process and for some users, it is a deal-breaker. That is why users look for easier alternatives to transfer music from their computer to iPhone without iTunes.

Well, don’t worry, we are here to help you as in this guide we are going to discuss a method that can help you add music to your iPhone from your computer in just a few seconds without iTunes sync. So, let’s begin!

Transferring Music with WALTR PRO

WALTR PRO is a software developed by Softorino that helps the users drag and drop music to iPhone without iTunes. However, the software is not limited to music only, it lets the users transfer all kinds of files such as videos, documents, photos, subtitles, etc to the iPhone.

Here is a step by step guide to show you how easy it is to add music from computer to iPhone using WALTR PRO:

  • Step 1

The first and foremost thing you need to do is download the WALTR PRO music on your computer from the Softorino website and then follow the instructions on the screen to install the software on your PC.

WALTR PRO is free to download and it gives a free 24-hour trial upon installation however after that time frame you have to buy a paid subscription.

  • Step 2

After you are done with the installation process, you need to launch the application and connect your iPhone to your computer via the standard USB cable. Users also have the option to connect wirelessly through the Wi-Fi feature but for that to work, users will have to turn on the wireless connectivity option from the settings and upon connecting for the first time with a USB, they have to click on Trust the device button.

  • Step 3

Once you are all set up, you need to drag the music file that you want to transfer to your iPhone and drop it in the WALTR PRO drop zone. You don’t need to worry about the format of the music file because the WALTR PRO app automatically converts the file into Apple compatible format during the transfer process.

  • Step 4

After you have dropped the file into the WALTR PRO drop zone, a blue progress bar will appear on the screen that will show you how much time the file is going to take in order to transfer and that is not more than a few seconds.

After the process is finished, you need to visit the Music app on your iPhone and look for the music track that you transferred using the WALTR PRO application.

This is it, that is all you have to do in order to transfer music from your computer to your iPhone using the WALTR PRO application.

Why not iTunes?

Here are some of the reasons why iTunes is not the best way to transfer music files from computer to iPhone:

  • One of the main problems with iTunes is that it is known for running slowly on most computers, particularly on Windows software, and also it consumes a great deal of system RAM.
  • Transferring music via iTunes is a very time-consuming process as it requires the users to sync the data.
  • Adding media files with the help of iTunes might be a little too complex process for new users
  • During the transfer, there is a high chance of possible data loss or damage
  • Every time you make a purchase from iTunes, you will have to pay the subscribed amount

Final Verdict

If you are an iOS user then you must have an idea of how difficult it is to transfer music or other data from a computer to an iPhone. Although the Apple company has opened a way for popular demand, there is still too much red tape when you are using iTunes to transfer music files. So, the better option here is to choose a third-party app like WALTR PRO to add music to your iPhone. And in this article, we have presented to you a step by step guide that can help you transfer files in just a few seconds.

If you are still not sure how to drag and drop music to iPhone without iTunes, then you need to download Softorino’s WALTR PRO software on your computer, avail of the 24-hour trial it offers to the users, and see for yourself how easy it is to transfer music to iPhone from your computer.

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