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You have met the most prominent representatives of the software for converting to the desired format. For one-time tasks and small amount of data, online services are sufficient. They are suitable for low-power computers, since all work essentially takes place on the server, not in the processor.

If you need to process files in a batch in order to download them to your phone or transfer them to another medium, it is better to choose a stationary computer program.
They are simple enough to be mastered even by inexperienced users, while being endowed with all the necessary tools. Convert files to the desired format right now!
Here we have brought up the list of top best online converter tools, which will be making your task a lot easy over the file conversion process:


FreeFileConvert is a free online PDF to Word converter (PDF to DOC), with additional support for other formats.
You can not only download a local PDF file, but also convert it by entering the URL into an interactive PDF file. This is convenient, so you don’t have to download a render PDF in HTML file to your computer and then upload it to FreeFileConvert; you can just paste the link.PDF.

With FreeFileConvert, you can convert archives, documents, e-books, audio, images, presentations, vector graphics, CAD files and fonts. The number of possible combinations is colossal — more than 8,300. Up to five files of the same type can be processed simultaneously.


Zamzar is a special web application that allows you to convert files to the format you need. The great advantage of this service is its amazing versatility — currently, conversions between hundreds of different formats of images, documents, audio, video, e-books and archives are supported. Using the Zamzar service is very simple and does not require deep technical knowledge. You only need to specify the location of the file on your computer (you can have several at once) and select the format required for it. Then you need to enter your email address, click the Convert button and wait for an email to arrive with a link to download the finished file in the desired format.

Onlineconvertfree is a universal online file converter. This is a real harvester that allows you to work with audio and video files, images, documents, archives. With its help, file conversion will become for you the same simple procedure as, say, creating a new folder on your computer! Moreover, this service allows you to easily convert documents into the now common formats intended for e-books (fb2, mobi, pdb, epub, etc.). The interface of the online converter is extremely simple and clear: from the drop-down window, select the format to which you want to convert the file. Then specify the path to the file on your computer or the address to it on the Internet, select the necessary conversion settings and click “Convert File”.


With the help of online converters, you can convert files to a specific format without installing additional programs on your computer. At the moment, hundreds of online converters are available for Windows, most of them are free, but some require creating an account.
So, if you want to convert a file to a specific format, but don’t want to install any program, you can consider these online converters.

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