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How to Remove or Hide Select Google Contacts From iPhone

Remove or Hide Select Google Contacts From iPhone

If Your Using Google Contacts, of course, in the event you only desire to remove a select few Google Contacts from iPhone, then you will have to delete them. Deleting them on iPhone will delete them from all of the apparatus also. Therefore be careful before you utilize this particular method. 

It is possible to use this system if you’d like Google Contacts to keep on the i-phone but in a stealth mode. In other words, you should be able to view them only if you want them. In other words, hide Google Contacts onto iPhone without turning or deleting the sync off.


Step 1: Open the Apple Contacts app on your own iPhone.  

Step 2: Tap on the Group option at the top.  

Step 3: You will see various contact classes here. Ostensibly, your contacts from different services are categorized into multiple types, for example, one from g mail. Thus If You want to conceal Google Contacts from the Contacts program, uncheck the box next to All Of G Mail.

How to Remove or Hide Select Google Contacts From iPhone

If you want to delete a select few Google Contacts:


  1. Uncheck the boxes next to all other classes except Gmail so that just Google Contacts are visible.
  2. When that happens, go to the Contacts app’s home monitor and also delete the contacts since you normally do.
  3. In other words, open the touch that you wish to delete.
  4. Tap on Edit.
  5. Scroll down and hit Publish Contact.
  6. Repeat the measure for additional contacts.

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