How to Increase Mental Focus and Stay Sharp

Are you feeding all your focus towards a futile task? The lost focus diverts your energy towards things that are not a priority. The problem needs to be fixed. Commitment plays an essential role if you really care. In the era of technology, you can use tech to increase your productivity. It can also be the sole reason to decrease your productivity. The key here is the focus, if you are focused, you will achieve your goals, and distractions can push you off track.

Things To Work On To Improve Focus

Focus is a sign of productivity. If you strive to be productive, you need to stay focused first. Let’s talk about how you can increase your focus and stay sharp.

Balance Diet

A diet can influence the focus that’s why a good diet is an essential need. If your diet is inadequate, then it can affect memory. A diet rich in fibers can help you gain mental clarity. Munching on fruits, veggies, and dairy products bridges the gaps created by deficiency of certain nutrients and minerals. In this post, the importance of delivery of micronutrients to the brain is termed as important for improving mental agility. Your balance diet chart should have fish, nuts, chocolates, whole grains, and seeds. Juice from fresh fruits and veggies can boost up your drained mental energy. Drink enough water and avoid trans fat food products to assist your brain stay healthy.

Upskill Your Brain

Upskilling is important, not only to increase focus but also to keep your brain in a healthy state. The brain potency expands as you train or upskill. It is that one thing in the body, the more you use it, the more it gets better with practice. Learn new skills, polish your old skills, and create ideas out of the box. Keep drilling ideas out of your brain to increase your mental potency because this will sharpen your brain.

Remove Distraction

Distraction needs to be eliminated, be it internal or external. Internal distractions arise from the thoughts and emotions running inside your head. External distractions are the internet, mobile, and city noise. Eliminate the source of distractions, create deadlines, and reward yourself upon task accomplishments. Keep the mobile phone away and windows closed if you have too many things going around you. Create a work environment and commit to sticking to that place unless you are done.

Avoid Multitasking

If you think you are an all-rounder and can perform multitasking, you might be wrong. The researchers have suggested that multitasking decreases productivity and IQ level. If you expect to finish a task that takes half an hour, multitasking can cost you more than an hour. The best is to focus and live in the moment and dedicate a specific time for different tasks. You are already draining your focus on multitasking- cut that off.

Kill Procrastination

Nothing grows in a comfort zone because it’s too comfortable to even get out of here. Procrastination is an enemy- get rid of it immediately. Make sure you don’t fall under any category of a procrastinator, from dreamer to perfectionist. Procrastination can make you lazy, can kill your attention and focus span. It is a seed that will never bear any fruits to you, so remove the roots of procrastination and start working.

A Good Sleep

If you are not creating a space for your brain to relax, how can you expect the brain to focus? Sleep is a time where your brain cells regenerate, rejuvenate, and recharge drained mental energy. If you are not sleeping enough, your brain isn’t ready to take up the charge every day without actually recharging through sleep. The daily habit of missing out on your sleep schedule can cost you productivity. If you carefully go through an article on HealthCanal, you will understand the role of Oxidative stress and aging that damages the brain. Sleep and a good diet can be of greater help in the management of these problems. Get a maximum of 7-8 hours of sleep to help your brain focus.

Meditate And Exercise

Practising mindfulness can alone bear uncountable advantages for your mental health. It creates a place where you become aware of yourself and your thoughts. It will help you increase your focus and attention span, leading your day towards productivity. Exercising can help you sharpen your memory, as you are exercising your brain muscles too while you exercise. These techniques work because they help you have mental clarity about your essential and least significant thoughts.

Make A Routine

Two days of focus and three days of wandering mind is of no help. If you want results, work on your habits and create a routine. The end result of an unplanned day is unproductivity. Make sure to include focus and good habits as a part of your daily routine. Commit to yourself to stick by your task until you are done.


Mental focus is directly proportional to productivity. If you work on developing your focus, your productivity will automatically increase. You need to take small steps to climb the path of productivity. Working on your habits, diets, and exercising are the main focus that will lead your way. If you work on these factors, you are halfway there to mastering productivity.

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