4 Things To Do Each Night To Sleep More 

Believe it or not, poor sleep has more to do with your lifestyle habits than you may initially realize. You might think that it’s stress keeping you up, but if you stop and think about it if you were truly comfortable and sleepy enough, your thoughts would most likely get overrun by the power of sleep! If you struggle with getting enough sleep, there are many strategies you can implement to eradicate these issues. If you’re curious about working with natural ways to sleep more, here are four things to do each night for a greater amount of sleep. 

  • Address Your Essential Needs

Getting a good night’s sleep is impossible without addressing your essential needs first. When it comes to sleep, you need the right room temperature, cozy bedding, and a dark room. 

Without these bases covered, you’ll most likely be kept up by feelings of being too hot or too cold, or you’ll be distracted by light shining through from outside or from your electronics. What you consume before bed also influences how you sleep. 

Until these essentials are taken care of, don’t expect miracles! Additionally, if you struggle with sleep disorders such as sleep paralysis, you’ll want to see a specialist who can work with you to address your sleep paralysis causes adequately. 

  • Complete Your Favorite Bedtime Rituals

Sometimes, a bedtime ritual is all you need to ease into sleep. See what works best for you as your bedtime routine but consider options you’ve never tried before. Some ways to induce sleepiness may be to wind down with a cup of tea, spend a few moments journaling about your day or what you’re grateful for, or by spending some time praying or meditating. 

Whatever feels most soothing to you is perfect. When you create a habitual bedtime routine, your rituals will act as cues to the mind that tell it it’s time to sleep. With practice, you’ll find that you’ll sleep better and for longer. 

  • Take A Relaxing Bubble Bath

Taking a bath before bed can help you unwind, relax your muscles, and get into a sleepy state. Feeling warm and cozy can signal to the body that you’re ready to rest. Use essential oils and soothing bath products so that you can also benefit from any aromatherapy elements. When you’re done, hop into cozy pajamas and call it a night. Sometimes self-care is all you need for deep sleep. 

  • Decide To Be Done With The Day

It’s easy to get into a habit of running on autopilot. As imperfect humans, we often jump from one thing to the next and tend to our endless to-do lists without ever coming up for air. We might even hop into bed without recognizing that it’s the first time we’ve relaxed all day. If we don’t take time to stop and acknowledge that we’ve made it to the end of the day and officially put the day to rest, we’ll never fully relax. Give yourself the opportunity to slow down and get present with the moment. 

Before bed each night, remind yourself that you’ve successfully made it through another day, and reward yourself with this time to sleep. This intentional shift may help you sleep deeper and for longer because you’re allowing yourself to relax. 

The Bottom Line 

To sleep more, you need to engage in practices that teach your mind and body that it’s time to unwind. See what works for you and experiment with different relaxation techniques to settle into sleep. Review the suggestions above for ideas on how to sleep deeper from tonight, onward! 

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