How To Create A Perfect Daily Routine With Your Kid?

Parenthood is a new journey every day! Especially when you have more than one kid, you know how exhausting it gets by the end of the day. It is always when someone or the other is calling you for help. Do you feel like a person with superpowers? Well, for children, you are their superheroes. While you take care of all the responsibilities, do not forget to reserve some time for yourself. After all, you deserve that ‘me time! But how can you do that? We understand that your little ones are dependent upon you, but it’s time to make them a little independent now. How about planning their routine with them? It will help them prioritize their day. What are the perks? Your alone-time!

As you begin, remember, we don’t have to leave them all by themselves; we just have to help them establish a schedule that they stick to. Here are a few ways that will help create a daily routine with them:

Analyze The Days:

Take a look at the day and record the timing of each family member. What time does each child go to school? When do they come back? Do they have any other practices, and at what time? Answers to this question will help you frame a day in a way that allows maximum productivity. It is important for you to focus on areas where your child is struggling. For instance, do they have a hard time focusing on homework after dinner? Shift the times accordingly!

Think About Priorities:

Now that you have figured out a pattern of every family member, let’s just prioritize each task. Do you have a list of what needs to be changed? Or how does it need to change? If yes, then you are sorted! If your child has a meltdown at 5 pm, you can allot that time to rest or meditate. Things like excessive gadget time are less in terms of priority and can be avoided or decreased.

Create A Schedule:

You need the precision of a schedule for a routine to establish. If your child’s schedule asks to wake up at seven in the morning, make sure it is done. Make them independent by using an alarm and doing this all by themselves. Sit with your child and talk about how to maintain the schedule. Take both your and their preferences and then formulate a routine. Ensure that it is followed every day, and you don’t have to ponder about it constantly. It may be difficult at first, but steadily everyone will get used to it.

Engage The Child In After School Activities:

Do you know many initiatives focus on after-school programs? Once your child is back from school, you can allot some specific time for academic entertainment. Academic entertainment is a platform that has extensive programs to keep your child updated with recreational and educational stuff with fun content. It is (both) virtual and in-person, which you can enroll in and ask your child to attend. How about a virtual gym class or learning scientific facts and myths? You can do it all at this wonderful stop. Isn’t an in-person and virtual assembly an exciting way to learn and keep your child occupied? By this, you will get a lot of free time for yourself.

Share The Load:

Is the schedule ready? If yes, sit and communicate with your partner and children. Show them the importance of following it. Allow their inputs and make a few changes if necessary. Now, you are ready! Write it on the board and hang it everywhere so that everyone can see it.

Congratulations – you have a new routine now! Be patient and let this go for a week. Everyone shall take time to follow it. Set reminders for children and make a note of how it is going. Ask yourself, were mornings smoother? Did kids have fun? Was anything compromised? And so on. Don’t stress, as things will fall in place with time! Remember, a successful routine has healthy family time too!

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