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How to Change Up Your Decorations in 4 Steps

Every now and then, it’s important to give your home a makeover. A little bit of change is necessary to grow and invite a sense of newness into your living space. You might be ready for a home refresh but are unsure of how to begin. To help you out, we’ve written a guide on how to change up your decorations in four steps. Read on to get started!

1. Change Your Photos

If you know where every picture rests in your home, it’s time to change things up. Wall décor is supposed to bring some excitement into the space by giving you something interesting to look at. If you’ve memorized all the poster decorations in your home, it’s time to introduce exciting elements by moving your pictures to different spaces and including new images.

Order hanging canvas prints of your friends and family for an inviting change that reminds you of those closest to you. If you have old photographs of your family, creating a family wall will also add homeyness to your space. Vintage photographs are always a stylish way to spruce up a space. You can’t go wrong with black and white photography. 

2. Declutter Your Home

By getting rid of extra stuff you no longer want or need, you open up your space and welcome new possibilities for decorations and change. Take some time and go through your things to create rooms you love to live in. 

Set up a donation box for anything you no longer want or need and organize a furniture pickup for any of the larger items you’re parting ways with. You’ll think more clearly and get fresh, new ideas by reducing clutter and removing items you don’t use anymore. 

If you’re looking to make some extra money, you can sell your gently used goods on online secondhand stores or host a garage sale. Alternatively, you can donate your belongings.

3. Bring In Fresh Decorations

To create that feeling of newness and welcomed change in your home, one stylish interior design tip is to bring in new elements. In addition to any fresh photos you have framed, consider adding other things, like a family plaque sign, pictures of your pets, or your kids’ artwork. 

The key is finding areas in your home that need attention and focusing on them.

4. Create Focal Points In Your Rooms

Sometimes our homes can seem scattered when most rooms lack a focal point. If your living room does not have a centerpiece, like a coffee table, rug, or television, it can be a bit disorienting to know where to look to keep things feeling settled and comfortable. 

Learn to create a focal point for every room in your home by incorporating central themes in every room. These changes are often much more simplistic than you’d think. A vase of flowers can be placed in the center of your coffee table to create this central point. 

You can also add vibrant flowers to your home for a pop of color. Place a nice vase on top of your dining table and fill it up with seasonal blooms and plants. Not only will this add some color, but it will also provide a beautiful scent throughout the house. 

The Bottom Line

Changing up your home decorations is a series of steps: declutter your space, reorganize your decorations, create centralized spaces, and add new elements to make your area feel like home. Review the steps of this home redecorating guide as you embark on a decoration reset to make your home the oasis it should be.  

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