Decorating with antique and vintage rugs

Creating a harmonious ambience in your home with carefully considered furniture and decor ensures you have a welcoming and comfortable environment to come home to each day. 

Antique and vintage rugs have become a popular choice in homes in recent years, with more people turning towards conscious consumerism. And there’s nothing better than finding a piece that comes with a history, that you can re-home and treasure for many more years. 

Unique style

Buying antique and vintage furniture and furnishings is a great way to give your home a unique and homely style. 

An antique rug will never go out of style and can give your home interiors timeless appeal. With their one-of-a-kind style, the right antique or vintage rug can transform a room. 

Mixing antique and vintage rugs with modern decor ensures your home will not feel like a museum, but rather a well-curated space that shows your flair for style. Often with designs featuring a mix of colours, vintage rugs are easy to match with other decor and furniture. 

A rug can act as an accent piece in a room, adding a subtle touch of character and a sense of history. Available in a range of designs, colours and patterns, adding antiques or vintage decor and furnishings can give a grounded feel to your home, while also elevating the style. 

Versatile designs

Antique and vintage designs offer a versatile style that can work for an elegant or relaxed aesthetic, and works well in various rooms in your home. 

Antique rugs can easily be blended with contemporary design to bring warmth to a modern space for a lived-in feel. They can be the central focus of the room or can act as a complementary piece to bring various interior elements together. 

Available in a range of colour palettes, from vivid reds and oranges to soft greys and blues, you can choose a rug to match your current interior decor or play around with a new design to give your home an updated visual style. 

For a cohesive feel, pick colours from the rug that match other tones in the room. You can use a vintage rug alongside other soft furnishings such as throw blankets or cushions, artwork or even the main piece of furniture such as the couch or bed to pull your colour scheme together. 

A rug can also help to add cushioning to a hardwood or tiled floor or cover up an ugly carpet so your home evokes a sense of warmth and relaxation. 

A long-term investment

While you may think that a vintage rug may not last in the long term, they are often a great investment that you can get many years out of. 

Vintage rugs can be a great long-term investment as they get better with age. The more worn, the more unique your rug becomes, and the faded colouring helps give your home a warm and lived-in feel. 

Often made from wool, a low maintenance and durable material, you won’t have to worry about using your vintage rug in a high traffic area. 

A rug can have just as big an impact on the overall look and feel of your home as a couch, dining table or bed. If you buy a quality vintage rug, make sure to look after it to ensure you get years of use out of it. 

While antique rugs are generally hard-wearing, take care when cleaning that you don’t use any harsh chemicals. 

Regular vacuuming will help prevent dirt and debris from getting pushed deep into your rug fibres, and cleaning up any spills immediately will help minimize the damage of them settling in and becoming harder to remove. 

To further improve the longevity of your vintage and antique rugs, get them professionally cleaned at least once a year. 

There are many vintage and antique rugs for sale, and it’s worth taking your time to find the right one for your home, to ensure you find a design you will treasure for years to come.

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