How To Change Font In Whatsapp

How To Change Font In Whatsapp | Complete Tutorial

A wide range of third-party applications adds to the success of WhatsApp’s native font-styling features. WhatsApp also offers several tricks for adding custom font styles and colors within chats.

WhatsApp App doesn’t look like the most creative AppApp out there. Sure, you can change your background, but that seems to be nearly all you can do. However, in terms of adding a little personality to your message text, there are probably more options than you think.

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How To Change Font In Whatsapp | Complete Tutorial

Here are some screenshots you can check out. 

How you can change the fonts in whatsapp

How To Change Font In Whatsapp

Contrary to Instagram, your options on WhatsApp are only limited to one extra font: monospace. But one extra font is much better than none, which is bound to create a little buzz among your friends or family members for at least a few moments.

Besides offering enhanced legibility, monospace fonts are also a staple of typewriters. You can use monospace to present your WhatsApp messages with a retro vibe.

You can modify your message into monospace in two ways. The first is to quickly put three backticks on either side of the written before pressing ship.

You can use WhatsApp’s formatting options in addition to monotype — bold, italic, and strikethrough. You can find help for formatting with those settings on WhatsApp’s help page. Font customization is the only thing available on WhatsApp, but luckily as our font design guide indicates, there’s a lot more going on when it comes to typography.

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