How To Change Font In Android Without Root

How To Change Font In Android Without Root | Complete Guide

Words matter a lot. From text and memes to emails, your language defines your personality. But what about the characters that represent your own words? Can it be evident that it also needs to look fabulous? Naturally, yes. Fonts make or break the appearance of your phone. An enormous font onto a tiny screen looks as hideous as a small font on a 6-inch screen.

To make sure your phone doesn’t suffer from such decorative epilepsy, let us find out how you can change fonts on your Android device without breaking it.

There are a couple of manufacturers that incorporate this customization within their own Android devices. Thus, even though your stock Android will not let you change the font style, you can always rely on the platform applications onto these selected phones.

How To Change Font In Android Without Root

Phones created by these manufacturers have the customization setting under the screen. As a way to access it, then go to Settings>Screen >Font Style. From there, you definitely should be able to alter the font style as well as the size.

How To Change Font In Android Without Root
How To Change Font In Android Without Root

This change happens within an instance without you needing to reboot the device. The selected font style and size will subsequently reflect across services on the phone’s interface, including the icons, menus, search bars, along texts. Some Samsung phones also enable one to download more font styles from Google Play Store and install them.

Using launcher to change the fonts


If you want to see some cool fonts onto your own Android by installing just one app, iFont, needs to be your first choice. It is super personalized system fonts using this app, and your phone appears fresh with each change. You can browse iFont’s Online tab to search for new and attractive fonts for your Android. First, you want to enable installation from different sources from Preferences. Proceed to your device Settings>Safety and click on the option to install apps from unknown sources.

Go Launcher Fonts:

Probably one of the very highly rated traditional launchers for Android is’GO Launcher‘. With a 4.5 rating and 7,000,000 downloads on Google Play Store, the app allows you to customize home widgets, screen, backgrounds, and much more. Also, it enables you to beautify your phone with more than 10,000 free topics. To change the font model of your phone with ‘GO Launcher,’ do the next steps.

Font Changer:

Font Changer, Customize your phone’s font style and size to satisfy all your texting preferences using this great app. Unlike many other options, this app does not change your phone’s device font; however, it allows you to pick from various fonts that one could key in the app and copy to the text field of emails, texts, status updates, and reports.

In’Font Changer’, you can make use of the emojis to express your feelings to your friends. You can also use unique fonts to highlight and contacts since the copy of the text can be glued in any other app since the fonts rely on Unicode, supported by i-OS, Windows, and Android. This app works together with any smartphone without any requirement to root.

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