How Having the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals Certification Elevates your Career?

There are several ways to level up your profession, but the most practical method is to obtain a certification from a renowned organization. Microsoft, for one, is an illustrious name when it comes to technological advancements and certification tracks. And for those who are interested in polishing their command in AZ-900 Training Course data, don’t think twice and obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals certification.

Unraveling the Core Outline of the Certification

Before getting into the perks, it’s important to know the details of the certification. First of all, it is an accreditation that validates your comprehension of pivotal data concepts. These cover big data, relational data, and nonrelational data. Analytics is also included in the main topics, along with the key roles and responsibilities associated with the data domain.

To obtain the certification, you are required to pass only one exam and that is MS-500 Training Course . The total number of questions is not provided, but approximately, you will be given 40-60 items to crack, and you need to get at least 700 points to clear the test.

Unwrapping the Benefits of a Microsoft Credential

Now that you have an idea of the certification in general, you can fully appreciate the benefits it brings to your profession. Here are some exciting things that await successful passers of MS-700 Training Course .

  • Supports professionals with a basic background in data in the cloud

Azure data is a fascinating field to delve into, especially for individuals who already have an idea of data concepts and features. The coverage of the certification digs further into the basics so you get a solid command of the data in the cloud and how these are utilized in various Azure data services.

  • Prepares you for other role-based accreditations

Don’t stop with your learning journey and level up your knowledge by earning a more advanced Microsoft certification. With Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals, you can work on adding technical credentials to your profile. Some of the options at hand are Azure Data Engineer, Azure Database Administrator Associate, and Azure Developer Associate. While these associate-level accreditations do not come with prerequisites, it’s highly recommended to complete Azure Data Fundamentals beforehand to strengthen your foundational understanding.

  • Increases your financial worth

Microsoft certifications are widely recognized by businesses and organizations across the world. And having something to validate your grasp of Azure data gives employers an overview of what you can provide to the company. Accordingly, your financial worth relatively increases because of your technical accreditation. Salary rates, however, also take into account your position and years of experience. For example, based on the recent AZ-104 Training Course , Azure data engineers earn at least $138,866 per year or roughly $67 per hour while Azure developers get around $138,264 per year or $66 per hour.

  • Cements your presence in the organization you’re working for

Often than not, certifications are used to improve your standing in a company. These technical accreditations serve as a stepping stone for anyone who wants to be acknowledged not just by the upper management but also by their peers. It certifies your ability to work tasks efficiently and effectively, allowing you to grow and develop your skills even better.


Having polished skills in AZ-204 Training Course is a significant reason to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals certification. It will serve as a springboard in our professional life and will lead to senior certifications of the associate and expert level if you wish to. In addition, this fundamental designation will bring such perks as salary increase, relevant skills, and respect from colleagues, to mention a few. So, capitalize on the knowledge and skills, deepen them, and enjoy your prosperous career as an Azure Data Engineer, Azure Database Administrator, and Azure Developer.

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