9 Best Online Courses for UX UI Designer

Although you can learn UX design on your own, attending a class is a terrific approach to gain the information you need to join the sector and start working. Luckily, there is a profusion of online UX collections of a wide variety of topics accessible right now. When deciding on a UX design school to invest your time, cash, and energy in, it’s vital to consider your ambitions. Would you like to dip your toes into the world of UX UI designing? We’ve compiled a list of 11 of the top online UX design courses to take.


The Intro to User Experience Design course from SuperHi is to educate novices on the abilities they’ll have to develop practical, simple user experiences. Students may anticipate learning the basics of an adaptive UX design phase involving usability testing, test automation, prototypes, UI design, and user acceptance testing, even though it is a low-cost ($149) starting course. This course is worth getting a solid introduction about UX UI designing if you’re hoping to start a profession in UX UI design or you’re already a quasi designer who wants to design for the online or apps.


Skillshare is an excellent place to start, which focuses on empowering individuals to acquire creative skills through bite-sized courses that classes can complete anywhere, offers free sign-up and access on mobile as well PC. It grants you complete access to the platform’s Premium library, which has over 20,000 lessons, as well as other benefits such as offline watching.

Users may pick from a variety of free UX design classes on the site, such as this Intro to UX: Foundations of Usability session, which provides concepts, tools, and methods for creating a stand-out user experience in only one and half hours and provides assistance for a practical learning project.

Interaction design foundation

The hugely popular Interaction Design Foundation’s User Experience: The Getting Started guide course. It’s a membership-based free course. From ordinary levels to graphic design, this 7-week online course exposes learners to a wide range of topics under the overarching concept of user experience design.

The course even takes you through instances of excellent and terrible UX design to improve your abilities. This course, which incorporates information from the company’s previous practices, gives an introduction to user engagement and a taste of the firm’s more in-depth classes. Interaction design foundation for UX UI designing is the best you can do on if you are completely new to this.


Lynda is an educational tool with over 4,000 courses taught by professionals. Every class has different sections and single videos roughly five minutes long on average. This 9 hour Advance your abilities in UX design course, ideal for people wishing to sharpen and extend their UX design expertise and boost their portfolios, is one of the most famous UX design courses on the site. Lynda provides a free month to new users, after which they can choose between an essential or high price subscription.

General assembly

General Assembly’s intensive beginner-friendly UX design curriculum is an attractive choice if you’re new to the industry or have some expertise and want to formalise your practice. Even though this is open courseware, it needs full participation with a set class schedule from Monday to Friday for 12 weeks.

The course covers fundamental UX approaches like prototype development and testing and current themes like application design and design management. If you’re willing to pay a premium fee and want the teaching experience without commuting, this might be the class for you.


The Google UX Design Certification is a recent contribution to the UX UI designing course. This completely online program hosted on Coursera is perfect for beginners who want a flexible, minimal overview of UX.

You can master the fundamentals of user experience brainstorming and mockups to users’ behavioural and elevated prototypes—for the price of a Coursera membership, while also completing fingers projects and quizzes. This course does not provide one-on-one mentoring, except peer-to-peer reviews and discussion boards, so be willing to study on your own!


The User Experience Design Basics Course from popular portal Udemy is coming next. This program, presented by expert Joe Natoli, is a great way to learn the fundamentals of UX design without spending a lot of money.

This ten-hour program, composed of on-demand videos and tasks where you will implement what you’ve learned, so it sticks, will provide you a thorough grasp of how to conduct UX—from investigation to planning.

UX academy

The UX Academy’s Introductory UX Design Course, which includes weekly live online sessions and small classes, will educate you on the fundamentals of user experience and give you the courage to take new, daring, and creative projects. This eight-week curriculum component will ultimately empower you with all instructors devoted to your success.


DesignLab delivers in-demand UX design skills using identity training in full-time and part-time virtual classrooms. DesignLab’s UX Design Institute is an intense online program that educates novices with the UX design work and career assistance needed to gain a job in the industry. As a scholar, your career trainer will assist you in your job hunt after you’ve completed the course.


If you are looking for a career change then UX UI designing field is the best option. There is a bright future for UX UI designing field, without doubt you can choose any one the best course mentioned above. For doing these courses you don’t need to quit your job with the help of the internet you can do anywhere at any time.

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