What are the best AC brands in India According to Quality and Popularity?

Most regions in India face warm and humid climates because we reside in the tropical zone. Given the scenario, installing an air conditioner in the room is a necessity for all. But the most challenging part is finding the most reliable brand among the vast list of AC brands in India. It is after you buy your AC from the best company that you can expect top-quality services. So, read till the end to know about the popular AC brands. 

Types of Air Conditioning Units

Any standard brand from the rest offers widespread choices to the buyers. For example, the best AC brands in India, like Carrier, serve consumers with quality offerings like stable voltage, energy efficiency, ergonomic design, ductless design, faster cooling, etc. Other than that, buyer preferences also vary with different AC types. Those include- 

  • Split 1 ton or 1.5 ton AC. 
  • Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Window AC
  • Central Air Conditioning 
  • Ductless Air Conditioner, etc

Depending on your requirements and overall budget, you can install the right AC. Generally, split ACs or investor ACs are safe investments anyway over others. 

Top 5 Best AC Brands in India

Below are some of the most renowned AC brands in India.

  1. Blue Star

Blue Star ACs are popular for residential or corporate interior cooling. They have different types of air conditioning systems such as split 1.5 ton AC, window, inverter, and portable units. Compared to the rest, Blue Star inverter AC models are more popular because of the precise cooling technology. Other than that, blue star inverter AC models have climate control, a brushless DC motor and 100% copper-induced. The most common complaints received about the brand are the absence of Wi-Fi direct connectivity and higher power consumption. 

  • Daikin 

The Osaka-based MNC Company soon opened in multiple localities, including the USA, China, Australia, the Philippines, and India. The air-cooling brand is popular for units with fast cooling and energy-saving features. Daikin Split ACs have a 10-year warranty on the compressor, lower noise, and are customized according to today’s cooling needs. Besides all that, 360-degree IR cooling is a unique feature of Daikin 1.5 ton AC. 

 However, only some are good when you have limited choices. Daiken has only efficient split AC ranges, without any impressive models from window, portable, or other air conditioning categories. 

  • Carrier 

Among the most reputed AC brands in India, Carrier tops the list because of its promising features. Founded by William Carrier, the company, over the years has introduced unstoppable innovations. As a world leader in advanced technology, they have the best solutions for refrigeration and air conditioning. The brand is a leading dealer of aerospace and provides building systems across industries. These good-quality units contribute to UTC climate, security, and controls.  

Besides all that, there is no lack of choices. The leading brand has a wide range of AC models from Wi-Fi, Window, Split, or Inverter AC categories. Most AC units are of 3 stars or above, guaranteeing energy conservation and a budget-friendly nature.

  • Haier 

Haier split 1.5 ton AC is designed with the latest technology along with convenient, user-friendly features. The best features of Hair are part of their good cooling solution, energy-efficient condenser auto restart, turbo, and sleep mode. The AC units supply fresh air without making the indoor mates feel suffocative. However, split ACs from Haier are not immune from pricey one-time charges. The AC units will cost more compared to other AC brands. 

  • Hitachi 

The Japanese-based AC brand Hitachi, serves high-quality air conditioning solutions. For smaller bedrooms or living rooms, Hitachi ACs can instantly cool in and come with features like a multi-zone system, twin motor technology, and advanced inverter technology. You will also enjoy features like auto cleaning and ace cut-out options. But for larger hall rooms, it’s still being determined whether Hitachi ACs will cool that passionately or not compared to other top AC brands in India. 


  •     How to find a budget-friendly air conditioner for the living room? 

The budget of your air conditioner depends on variable factors. However, some brands, like Carrier, are more popular than others for their diverse offerings at such economical prices. 

Other than that, for example, Carrier split ACs are sustainable. With three or more energy-efficient stars, you can save more on your monthly electricity bills. So, different AC brands in India look for energy and power-efficient models to avoid hefty electricity charges. 

Comparing the AC Brands 

FeaturesBlue StarDaikinCarrierHaierHitachi
Versatility (Different Types of AC Models)YesYes_Yes
Fast CoolingModerateAdvancedAdvancedModerateFaster for Smaller Rooms
Energy ConservationYesYesYes
Wifi Connectivity _YesYesYesYes
Other FeaturesBrushless DC motor, 100% Copper360-degree IR cooling system, warranty on compressorClimate control, energy saving, aerospace, etcAuto restart, turbo, and sleep modeAuto cleaning, ace out options

Final Thoughts

There’s a common misconception that installing air conditioners is a luxury in itself with high electricity maintenance. But that’s not the case when you have a choice among the popular AC brands in India. The air conditioning models from brands like Carrier take care of sustainability budget, and consume minimal power. So, make your smart move today and gracefully beat this summer! 

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