Top Games to play when bored

Games are our only go to solution when we are stuck in a boring meeting or a never ending lecture which keeps on taking forever to end. Most people retreat to social media but we all know how it affects our lives when you get addicted to them. Playing games have often been considered as a mood freshener and provide one with a better perspective.

One can simply play browser games if they do not hope to download the game onto their mobile phones. A browser game is accessed through a website and is commonly internet dependent. Or you can simply just download your favorite games on your mobile devices in advance.

Games to play when bored

Browser Games to play when bored :-

  • The Chrome Dino Game

Chrome comes with an inbuilt game called The Chrome Dinosaur Game. It’s a great game to play when you’re bored, Because it doesn’t require an internet connection. Play the dinosaur game on Chrome till your connection comes back if your internet stays off for a while and you’re bored. You can also access the Chrome Dino game by going to the network error page or entering Chrome:/Dino into your browser’s address bar.

  • Solitaire


Solitaire is a card game. Online versions or mobile based solitaire allows you with the single player option. Online Solitaire deviates far too much from many other pure Solitaire imitations. You can play Solitaire alone or in multiplayer mode to compete against others online. A game engine that has been optimized and a number of customization possibilities are hidden under the green deck table and straightforward card designs. Google also has a version of the game integrated into the search results, so you may also play Solitaire on Google Search Engine by just searching “Solitaire Google.”

  • Google Maps Snake Game

Google Maps Snake Game 

The old classic snake game brings back all the nostalgic memories from the childhood. Firat, you have to choose a start location with any city, such as Cairo, So Paulo, London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sydney, or “World” to begin. Your main goal is to pick up as many passengers as you can using the arrow buttons on your keyboard.Your score will rise as you pick up more passengers. The game will become increasingly challenging as you pick up more passengers and you loose the game if you crash into the edge. Sometimes picking up particular characters may earn you bonus points; for instance, pick up the ramen on your route to Tokyo to earn more.

In the end, Your score will be displayed when the game is over, and you can share it with friends.

  • PAC MAN Doodle

Simply enter “Pacman” into Google, then click “I’m feeling lucky,” to play this classic game. You will see the recognisable black screen from an arcade from the 1980s as your first sight.

  • Chess

Online versions or mobile based chess allows you with the single player option. You can play chess alone or in multiplayer mode to compete against other players online or offline.

Games to Play when bored at Work :-

  • Type Racer

If you want to beat other players, then fuel your racing machine by typing the designated paragraphs as quickly as you can.

  • Tic Tac Toe

One of the easiest games you may play while you’re bored is tic-tac-toe. Simply enter “tictactoe” into the Google search bar to get the game’s embedded version. It doesn’t need much mental effort, so it’s ideal if you just want to pass the time without doing much thinking.

  • Sudoku


The traditional game of sudoku is based on logical aspects of a player. You can find many versions of this game online or you can easily grab a daily news paper and find a pencil and start solving!

  • Excel Sheep

When you’re having fun with Excel Sheep, your supervisor might believe you’re actually working on anything. The game’s objective, which is concealed as an Excel spreadsheet, is to gather all of your scattered sheep into the bar graph sheep enclosure.

  • Office Bingo

Office bingo is among the best games to play if you want to raise spirit there. The best thing about the game is that you can add as many persons as you like, and the board can also be customised to your preferences.

  • Hangman

You can also give Hangman a try. Play with your office mates when you get bored. Try introducing terms and words from your field and line of work to the game to make it more engaging and appropriate for the workplace.

Physical Games to play when bored :-

When you are not in the mood to play any kind of online or mobile based game, then you can always turn to physical Games.

  • Ludo

One can play ludo if they want to play a physical indoor game. It is a traditional multiplayer game that requires four players to enjoy the game completely.

  • Chess

You can also try physical chess. Physical chess gives you the actual vibes and feels of the game which online chess fails to fulfill. This two player game is highly rated by majority of people looking for Games to Play when bored.

  • Uno

You can try playing physical UNO with actual cards and your entire gang. UNO has always been known for strengthening the bonds and also ruining friendships when one draws 4.

  • Cricket

One can also play outdoor games such as cricket, football, badminton and many more if you’re looking for games to play when bored. Get your gang and get out in the sun.


The next time you feel boredom starting to set in, be sure to go through this wide selection of entertaining games that we’ve put together just for you and your loved ones. Whether you’re at work, a friend’s house, or hosting a family meal, these activities will keep you entertained wherever you are. We have listed all the top Games to play when bored, so do not get boredom catch up with you and be creative.

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