Software for HR Management: 5 Essential HRMS Features

Before you plan to buy software for HR management, be sure to identify first what your company needs. If you run a business with over 100 employees or plan to transform your small business into a big one, you should invest in comprehensive human resource software.

Here are some of the essential features to look for in an HR technology:

1.General HR Features 

The best HRMS offers many solutions like general HR features, such as recruitment and selection, benefits administration, and personnel management. These are the three main human resource activities that an HRM system simplifies.  

  • Recruitment & selection. Digital HRMS allows recruiters to post open positions within your company website and on multiple job boards, track applications, and screen or evaluate, all in a single platform.
  • Benefits administration. Managing employee benefits and factoring them into payroll calculations are both intricate and time-consuming tasks. Thanks to HR software, human resource professionals can enrol and integrate benefits with accounting hassle-free.
  • Personnel management. HRM systems come with a self-service portal that lets employees input personal data, check on the status of their benefits, and request time off. The same feature also enables HR staff to access employee information, enter performance data, and approve requests or claims, among others.

2.Time & Attendance

When buying software for HR management, it’s crucial that you also consider time and attendance features, including:

  • Absence management. Thanks to human resource management software, it’s easier to track employee attendance. HR managers can see in one glance who’s in, who’s out, and the reason for absence—be it a vacation, sick leave, maternity leave, or paid time off.
  • Over time, time off management software can become a great investment as it makes tracking employee absences easier.
  • Time in and out. Most HRMS come with clocking and out functions. This feature eliminates manual data entry and enables speedy verification of attendance, tardiness, and overtime.
  • Payroll integration. One of the best things about HRM systems is it allows you to integrate time and attendance modules with your payroll. Through payroll integration, HR payroll staff can get accurate employee data needed in salary computation. 

3.HR Analytics

Like many other business units, human resource departments leverage the power of data. HR leaders draw insights from data to support company growth and success. 

Below are three analytic features you can find in an HR software solution: 

  • Real-time reporting. Studying workforce data patterns and trends has never been easier with an HRMS. This HR technology offers data visualisation and interpretation, enabling you to make timely, data-driven decisions.
  • Data mining/gathering. Since the HRM system stores data in one place, essential data can be accessed whenever required or needed. You also save a lot of time scanning through the paper pile and easily find information with just a click of a button.
  • Forecasting. The ideal human resource management software should offer forecasting solutions. With the forecasting capability, you can dig deeper into the HR data, create strategic actions and further improve workforce planning.

4.Learning & Development

Software for HR management should also include learning and development features. After all, human resources are all about people. Your HR solution should tap on functionalities that will benefit your employees in the long run.

  • Online training data. Training data should be easily accessed to assist HR leaders in mapping out competency frameworks and skill-building programs—and HRMS offers the exact benefit.
  • Employee engagement tools. Good human resource software facilitates collaboration between colleagues and managers. It should have a set of tools that helps enhance user experience and boost employee engagement.
  • Learning management. Learning and training management can sometimes be a daunting task—but not if an HR system is in place. This technology allows users to track training, licenses and certification, helping ease the burden of ongoing training and development.

5.Payroll Solutions

Payroll processing is one of the most critical yet complicated and time-consuming HR tasks. Thankfully, there’s a human resource management system that can help you run automatic payroll and make payment corrections or adjustments whilst staying compliant with various governing laws. 

To ensure you reap these benefits, check whether your HRMS has these payroll features:

  • Online payslips. Most HR systems allow users to generate epayslips for employees. They enable employees to view their payslips via the online portal, eliminate security risks, and reduce paper costs.
  • Pay adjustments. HRMS also enables HR and payroll staff to make salary adjustments and factor in reductions or bonuses, unpaid leaves, pension contributions, allowances and other required adjustments.
  • Payroll compliance. It’s important to stay current with constantly changing labour laws and tax rates. The good news is, HRMS software has an automated tax table that takes the guesswork out of federal, state and local taxes, enabling accurate withholding of employee taxes.

Final Thoughts

Buying software for HR management isn’t something that you can plan overnight. You should consider a lot of features, including general HR functions, time and attendance, HR analytics, learning and development, and payroll solutions. 

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